Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That's My Girl

For the first time in a while, Dr. Daddy got home early today and decided to take BabyGirl on a walk in the backpack. We live on a VERY STEEP hill and BabyGirl is now 30.5 lbs. so this is a great workout for him. As he was walking out the door the conversation went something like this:

Dr. Daddy: BabyGirl, what do you want to drink on the walk?

BabyGirl: I'll have a beer, Daddy.

Dr. Daddy: What else would you like instead of a beer?

BabyGirl: A martini?

As if that weren't bad enough she continued to display her alcoholic ways while "helping" me cook supper.

BabyGirl: Mommy, you can't start cooking yet.

Me: Why?

BabyGirl: You don't have your Gin and Tonic yet.

Me: Oh, you're right. Hold on a sec, I'll be right back.

I've thought for a long time that this girl is way ahead of her time. A 13 year old trapped in a 3 year old's body I like to say. Well sweet Jesus. What do we have to look forward to when she's 16? I'm terrified. Dr. Daddy thinks it's hilarious. Especially when we go out to dinner and the waiter asks what we want to drink. BabyBoy generally answers "Milk". BabyGirl's response? "Beer".

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