Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preppy Chic!

That is the term my aunt coined to describe the wedding we planned for my cousin, Emily. In keeping with that theme Jettaka and I hosted a very Lilly inspired Bridesmaids Luncheon at Jettaka's best friend Betsy's house. If you're from Richmond, or maybe if you're not, you may have heard of Turnkey Interiors. This is the design firm that Betsy owns. We had the priveledge of entertaining at her beautiful home and it was fabulous! We decided on a poolside theme hoping that the girls would be able to relax in anticipation of the big day. We had everything catered by Mosaic Cafe. Can you say delicious? We even let BabyBoy and little Carter invade our girly day so they could get some well needed outdoor time. Enjoy the photos!

First, the invitations...

We chose the Lilly Pulitzer cloud nine pattern because it had navy and hot pink, which were Emily's colors.

More details...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seven Year Room Redo

It's been a long time since my last post...almost a month! I've got lots to post about in the next couple of weeks. I had an awesome trip to NYC. If you're interested in purchasing any DVF dresses check out my ebay link to the right of the screen. LOTS of cute stuff!
We've been busy with weddings and swim team. Good grief! I had no idea what a time commitment swim team would be! We've successfully completed two and a half meets. I say two and a half because BabyGirl refused to swim the first meet. BabyBoy had a cast on his arm for the first meet and didn't participate (broken elbow). Beware of trampolines. They are so dangerous! This was our second tramp injury. Our neighbors have one that backs up to our yard and we've had to officially ban our kids from playing on it.
Last Saturday was BabyBoy's 7th birthday party. I can't believe he's seven years old! I told him I would not buy one more Lego but that I would redo his bedroom however he wanted as a gift (and then promptly handed him the Pottery Barn Kids catalog). Gotta have a LITTLE say so. Of course, he picked a Star Wars theme. I found some cute plaid fabric to coordinate with the PBK Star Wars sheet set and a king size sham from Target (lots cheaper than the one from PBK AND it looks better, I think!) I bought some of those really cool wall decals from a seller on Etsy (overloadednoggin was his name). They were so easy to apply and make a huge difference. It really adds to the theme without being too cheezy.
I purchased a black wire storage rack and big galvanized metal bins from Lowe's to put all his Legos and toys in. The shelves also serve as display shelves for his larger Lego projects. I found a really neat shadow box type frame from Target to display his Lego cars. Two cheap Target tables and some storage bins for his videos and video games, a new bedside table and lamp from TJ Maxx and we were a go! Luckily, his carpet already had stars on it so totally fit the theme. Here are some pics...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, if I could, I would...

Have you forgotten me yet? I hope not! I know it's redundant to say...but it's just been so darned busy around here! End of year year as president of our medical alliance ending...BabyBoy's birthday coming up...redecorating rooms in the house...swim team...gymnastics...are you exhausted yet? 'Cause I definitely am! We've had a great several weeks. Last weekend we had the honor and priveledge of attending the Virginia Republican Convention and got to hear Sean Hannity speak. It was awesome! He gave such a great speech. We would have loved to have heard Mitt Romney speak at the Gala the evening prior, but we just couldn't get there in time!

I've had so many new ideas for blog posts...Etsy is my new obsession! I will be posting a lot about that soon.

I know I also promised to post pix of our "complete" master bedroom. just isn't perfect yet. Soon...soon! We're renovating BabyBoy's bathroom right now and I can't WAIT to post pix. It should be a great transformation.

Today, however...I want to escape from reality. I want to do an I SO would if I could post.

I have always wanted a beach house. Unfortunately, Dr. Daddy is very much a glass half empty kind of folk and is terrified of hurricanes!!!

SOOOO, I'm going to do a post about my dream beach house. If I could I would have this house

with this kitchen

and how about this entry?

Imagine the blogging I could do from this master suite...

BabyBoy would LOVE this bedroom...don't you love the Hermes blanket? (atleast...I think it's Hermes!)

And BabyGirl's room...

And if the friends or cousins come to visit? We'll definitely need both of these rooms!

Of course...Mimi will need a room as well...and every girl needs some LV!

And since we all need a place to hang out and watch our back episodes of Weeds and The Real Housewives...

There are certainly a zillion more rooms I would love to post...but for now...this is my dream beach house!!!