Saturday, August 22, 2009

What's on YOUR ipod?

You know how they always ask celebrities really lame questions like "What's on your ipod right now?" when they interview them? Or even better, "What books are you reading?", and the celeb names some unheard of book that they think makes them seem really cerebral?

Well, you won't get that from me!

Here's what's on my ipod right now and I am OBSESSED...

I'm trying to muddle my way through "The Time Traveller's Wife" but the beginning is really confusing...especially after a Skinny Girl Margarita. More on that later!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dining Room Redo

When we originally move into this house I picked a wallpaper for the dining room that I LOVE. It's by Thibaut and it's from the Tea House collection. I pretty much decorated the rest of the room around that paper. I picked curtain panels with pink and green stripes that were really pretty. Then, Happy Housewife came in and turned my world upsidedown by suggesting I put the pink and green panels in my living room instead. Hmmmph. Well, she was right of course. They look great in there. I had another pair made and now it's perfection.

I had a fabric sample I'd been holding onto for two years that I really wanted to use to cover the dining room chairs. It's really a "wow" piece. ie: can't do too much else in the room if the chairs are going to have this fabric. It was pricey, so I was on the fence. Finally Dr. Daddy agreed that if I had kept it for that long and not yet found anything else I liked as much that I could go ahead and use it. Yay! So, here was the may remember
this post.

And now...

The curtains are a gorgeous greenish blue silk with an onion ball trim that incorporates all the colors of the room. I found the asian inspired lamps at a local design store. The rug is one that used to be in the living room; I just switched and put the old dining room rug in the living room and vice versa. The adorable monkey on the table was a gift from my physicians' spouse auxiliary. Now, I just need to figure out what to put on that round table in the corner. I'm kind of sick of the plant. Any suggestions? Oh, and I painted the wall below the chairrail with Benjamin Moore's mushroom cap in a half strength. It has just the right amount of a creamy, buttery color to warm up the room but not over do it. Hope you like!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy Summer

We've had such a lazy summer...I know, I've been a lazy blogger, too! Actually, it hasn't been SO lazy. We've taken some fun trips and done LOTS to the house. BabyBoy's bathroom is ALMOST complete. Here's a little teaser for you...

When it's all complete (cross your fingers that it will be by the end of this week!) I will post lots of before and after pix.

I'm also having new window treatments and pillows made for my family room and having my dining room chairs covered. I bought some great grasscloth wallpaper last weekend in Richmond (I'm pretty sure Mimi thought I was smoking crack for just buying it without even measuring or thinking) and hope to have that hung this week, too. Summer refreshment! Love it. Just what I need to get me in the mood for fall...

I FINALLY went to see a podiatrist about my heel last week. It has been killing me all summer. I haven't really been able to exercise as a result other than swimming and have gained some weight (oh, shut up. It is NOT all the Gin and Wine that caused the weight gain :)) I had the pleasure of a 2 inch needle stick to the heel ( can you say freaking owwww!!!?? ). The cortisone has helped a lot, however, the anti inflammatory he gave me has kept me nauseaus for three days straight. Anyone ever taken Mobic before? I think I'm going to just have to go back and beg for something else. Percocet anyone?!

I took the kids to a friend's house last week for some R and R around her pool. She also has goats so they loved feeding the goats peanuts with LUTBand her kids.

They look miserable, right?

Promise, promise I'll have before and after pics of the bathroom asap!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you heard of this?

Have you heard of Smilebox? It's my newest obsession...

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Beach '09
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And the Oscar Goes to...

Eric. You are such a drama queen! He He. I did forget to mention in my beach post that Aaron's friend Eric spent some quality time with us at the beach as well. That would explain my day of "lethargy" spent in bed...

We did get some fun pictures, though, and even got to take home a gorgeous piece of art that Eric created himself and BabyGirl has found a special place in her room for. Eric, you may have a customer base...several of her friends covet it as well!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beach Week!

We had an awesome beach week this year. We normally go to Litchfield or Pawley's Island or Sunset Beach. GREAT beaches all...but having lived in Wilmington for three years we decided to go back and do a Wrightsville Beach vacay. Our house was a stone's throw away from the beach...we could see the water from the porch. It was an OLD house. Built in the 1920's. I loved sitting on the front porch and watching the surfers go out to the beach early before work. It was so...beachy!
For the first time EVER we didn't take a sitter with us to the beach. At the last minute we invited a friend for BabyBoy. It worked out perfectly because BabyBoy, friend, and BabyGirl all get along great. It was better than a sitter!
We spent lazy days at the beach, shopped, scootered to the ice cream shop after was bliss. I did have an evening that included entirely too much a-a-a-a-cohol. The following day I stayed in bed until 7pm. red correctly. 7pm. Clearly, Mrs. Sippycups can no longer party like it's 1999. All good. Dr. Daddy was THE MAN and didn't give me a hard time AT ALL. Mommy was TIRED.
The kids did shell art, beading, played countless hours of Wii and DS. YES...I am that bad of a Mom :).
A few pictures from our trip...