Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mantle Madness

Loyal reader Sharon made my day by emailing and requesting holiday mantle ideas. Ah, so MANY ideas. She's hosting a dinner party this weekend and wants something woodsy and natural looking. So let's get started!

First, I love to start with a little (lot) of fresh greenery. The price is right (FREE if you can get it from your yard!) and I love the smell and natural element it adds. I also like to add a little eucalyptus berry from the market. And, you KNOW I'd be throwing in a few feathers here and there...

Next, why not add a little Baby Jesus? He is, after all, the reason for the season. And as Babygirl loves to point out..."he gets a birthday AGAIN this year?!". Funny girl. I LOVE this nativity set from Wisteria.

So, we've got our greenery, we've got Baby Jesus, now we need some stockings.
Ballard Designs never lets me down in the stocking department. I've had their polka dot stockings with leopard trim for years. This year, I especially love these adorable neutral stockings with a vintage look. Very chic and understated. Don't forget to "stuff" your stockings with some plastic grocery bags to give them a little body. I also like to have a little greenery hanging out the tops of the stockings to give them more life.

Now that we've addressed our staple items, it's time to have fun! Add some gorgeous candles such as these from Pottery Barn.

I also LOVE these crowns from Wisteria.

They would be adorable worked in amongst your greenery or even bunched on the ground in front of your fireplace. Have fun and be creative! And, don't forget the fire in the fireplace!

If you aren't loving the mess of a fire but still love the flames and the smell...add some lit candles to the fireplace and mix in one of the Slatkin & Co. "Winter" candles from Bath and Body Works. It is practically an exact replica of the old winter candles sold by Slatkin & Co. at Neiman Marcus for three times the price. You will not believe how wonderful your house smells!