Thursday, February 26, 2009

I yam who I yam

After watching my dvr'd episode of the Real Housewives of New York last night I am absolutely convinced that I AM a Jewish Mother reincarnated. I am absolutely in love with Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria. She is a straight talking, feed your cold, taking care of everyone else, workin with what she has kinda gal. I LOVED her conversation with Bethenny. I loved it when she said "I am who I am and I say what I say".

I love that she told Bethenny that Bethenny would be her new adopted daughter. It's just like me to take someone under my wing and try to help them figure out where they're headed in life. Straight talkin' mama! And unapologetic!

I hope she'll be on more episodes. Team Gloria!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Pink Clutch tagged me a few weeks back and I just got to finishing the task! The tag was: go to your photos, sixth folder, sixth photo in that folder. Then I'm supposed to tag six more bloggers, which I won't do cause I'm just not that organized.

The photo is an old one...taken (I think) three years ago for our Christmas Card. This was the year I did two separate photos because the kids just refused to pose together. I made the was even lined in the pink dupioni silk. Unfortunately, I just could not figure out the whole hem thing and it looked terrible (thus the above the knee shot!). I do love the picture, though. BabyGirl promptly dropped the ornament she was holding and it shattered into a zillion pieces. Oh well!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anticipating Spring!!!

What in the world have I been up to? I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately! It's been crazy. I have been in volunteer overload. I had a reader email me and ask me what volunteering I do that keeps me so busy. This week it's been the physician's alliance that I am the president of this year, the fall shopping bazaar that our Junior League produces in November, 1st grade Parent's Association Rep, JK room mom, and helping plan a rehearsal dinner for a friend. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

To make things more interesting, I was a single parent last week while Dr. Daddy went skiing in Jackson Hole, WY. He had a great time skiing and I had a dog that wouldn't stop pooing and peeing in her kennel. Nice.

Last Sunday our school had it's annual JK/Senior Buddy dinner. Each year the JK students get paired up with a senior. It's adorable. They meet once a month and play games, read stories, etc. The dinner is done as a way for the parents of the JK kids to get to meet the parents of the seniors and gain a new perspective on the school. I had done some flowers for another event that weekend so I was able to recycle them for the dinner. They turned out so cute! Our school colors are black, red and white.

The grass centerpieces are easy...

What you'll need:

wheat grass seed (available at most organic food markets)
8 inch plant drainage tray (.89 at wal mart)
metal bucket container (these are from JoAnn Crafts)
floral wire
three gerbera daisies
floral oasis

What you'll do:

two weeks prior to your event you'll need to grow your grass. Soak seeds overnight. Place an even layer of soil in the bottom of your drainage tray. Add a generous layer of seeds (they should completely cover the soil and should all be touching one another). Place another layer of soil on top. Sprinkle with water and set in a window or somewhere that you'll have good light.
Water each day. The grass grows quite quickly.

The day of the event, cut a rectangle of floral foam in half. Soak foam. Add foam to bucket. Remove grass from drainage tray and place on top of foam. The grass should fit snugly in the container. Wire your gerbera daisies with floral wire by wrapping the stem with the wire. Push the daisies into the grass and all the way through until they are firmly stuck into the oasis. Then you're done! Water if needed.

The other arrangements are simply daisies placed in glass rectangles. I used grosgrain ribbon (two widths) and placed them on the vases with double sided tape. So simple!

I loved these arrangements...they make me excited for sping!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ahhh, but let me be clear

I've had many wonderful comments on my "25 things" post. As can be expected, I've also had some not so wonderful comments.

To those who have commented on my insensitive insistance that people should not have kids if they aren't prepared to send them to college:
Sorry, but I stand firm. I'm not saying that everyone should or will go to college. Obviously, there are those who won't. However, I feel very strongly that a responsible parent should be prepared to offer the option to their child should they want it.
As for my kids...I certainly can't force them to do anything, but I will STRONGLY encourage them to go to a four year college. It's an experience that I consider very important and I know that not having that degree can make life very difficult.
An additional aside...if you insist on leaving comments berating me for assuming everyone should go to college, perhaps you could utilize the spell check/grammar option?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things About Me

I've been tagged about a gazillion times to do this on Facebook but decided to put it on the blog instead...

1. I grew up as an Army Brat. Moved a lot. As a result, I believe I am much more worldly and aware of differences in cultures, etc. I have no trouble making friends with strangers.

2. I love to collect wedding magazines and books, despite the fact that I've been married almost nine years and have no plans of remarrying any time soon!

3. I sleep with socks on. Always.

4. I also sleep with at least one foot outside the covers. Always.

5. I really do not like to work out...although I always feel better after I do. My workouts are usually running, or doing The Firm workouts (see ad in sidebar). I started doing these after BabyBoy was born and ended up with a better body that I'd ever had. EVER. They work. They are awesome. I just have to get motivated to DO THEM!

6. I probably drink too much wine. I always say I'll have one glass while I cook dinner. That turns into two and then maybe another while I eat. Then I'm ruined for the night. I end up sitting in front of the tv or computer and get nothing done. Waaaah.

7. My kids only bathe every third night or so. They have super dry skin and if they were to bathe every night I'm convinced they'd look like turtles.

8. I love to cook. It's very therapeutic for me. I started cooking in high school. My mom just didn't really like to cook so I kind of took over. I love making people happy with food. It makes me feel good.

9. I believe that volunteerism should be a pillar in everyone's lives. The impact you can have in others' lives is immeasurable. Even if you spend an entire year on a project and don't get paid a penny, it's worth it if it makes one person's life better or easier. My Mom taught me that through her work and her deeds.

10. I really want my kids to go to good colleges. I want them to work hard and earn it and then go and have fun. It's only four years and the world after college can be really hard. I think college is an important piece of every person's growing experience. Even those ridiculous philosophy 101 classes make a difference. I think parents shouldn't have kids if they aren't prepared to be able to send their kids to college.

11. I'm a huge proponent of private school education. Not because I'm an elitist. I believe you can be elite without being elitist. I love that my kids' school instills manners and ethics and honor. I love that the four year olds in JK have to sign the honor code at the beginning of the year, even if they can only sign with an "X". I love that each and every paper turned in at their school is stamped with the honor code and signed by the student. It makes a life long impact. I also believe that they have more freedom to learn through creative process because they aren't subject to the SOL's.

12. I'm irritated by parents who think they don't have to keep tabs on their students or their students' teachers just because they're paying the big bucks to send their kids to private school.

13. I wonder every day why God chose to snatch my mother away before she got to know my children and my husband. I wonder why He thought we didn't need her anymore. My relationship with Him has suffered greatly as a result.

14. I'm a more thoughtful and purposeful person as a result of my mother's death. I don't take things for granted. I obsess over creating traditions for my children that they will always remember when I am gone and I insist on maintaining the traditions that my mother started so that my brothers will always remember her and what per plans were for us.

15. I think that no matter what you plan for your children you must be prepared for them to have their own plan...and embrace it.

16. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of other people's stupid issues. Get over it. Life's too short.

17. I'm annoyed by people who complain endlessly about things but aren't willing to be a part of the change that they desire. You have no right to bitch if you aren't willing to work to make a difference.

18. I love Diet Coke.

19. I also love Oreos. I read somewhere that it has been proven that they are clinically addictive. I'm taking that and running with it.

20. I make decisions very quickly without necesarrily thinking them through and over analyzing. I rarely regret those decisions. I know what I want and I go for it.

21. I am more apt to have a few very close friends to whom I am comfortable confiding in. I'm not the uber social lots of "friendly" friends type person. I need to be able to pick up the phone and unload on you and have you listen and relate.

22. I love to shop. It's fulfilling in a somewhat disturbiing way.

23. I struggle to keep my life organized. I am not at all organized by nature. It's an everyday process that I have to really think about and insist on doing.

24. While I have many friends and socialize quite a bit, I am a closet introvert. I hate making phone calls, small talk, going to planning meetings, etc. I would much rather sit at home on my computer and do everything via email. Some weeks I just want to sit in my house by myself all week. It's comforting.

25. I am fiercely independent. Once I've made my mind up to do something it's not likely I will cave and do something different...depending on the issue. I won't push something if it's just not that important.