Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And on a lighter note...

You simply MUST SEE...

The Young Victoria.

SUCH a great movie. Emily Blunt is AMAZING. I hated her in The Devil Wears Prada but I so loved her in this film. What I also loved about this film was that it was an incredibly informative historical movie (now I know where "Victoria and Albert's" comes from at Disneyworld LOL) but it wasn't dull and long like most historical movies.

The love story was perfectly played out. Couldn't recommend it more...


As part of my New Year's resolution (and I'm sure a gazillion other people's resolutions) I committed to working out more this year. Not necessarily for weight loss (although losing that extra 20 lbs. wouldn't hurt), but for health and peace of mind. I say PEACE because I could use a little!

As I walked on the treadmill yesterday I saw that Rosie O'Donnell was on Oprah. I'm really not a Rosie fan. I mean, REALLY not a Rosie fan. I hate her political views and I find her abrasive and annoying. For some reason, however, I felt the need to listen. As I listened, I felt so incredibly enlightened. She talked about her kids, her value of family, and her constant CRAVING to live an authentic life. I've heard Oprah talk about living an authentic life for years now. I kind of brushed it off as bunk and moved on. Whatever. Authentic? How can you get more authentic than the everyday chaos of babies, diapers, carpool, dinner, sleepless nights, potty training, etc?

The past few months, however, have made me re-evaluate my version of an authentic life. I've had to be honest with myself. I mean...REALLY honest. Hearing Rosie say that it was so telling to her to know that her kids knew she was happy once she was living a truly authentic life almost made me fall off the treadmill. IT IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. My kids have even made a point of telling me that throughout this separation and divorce they can tell that I'm happier, and in their own words, living a more authentic life. The things that I valued before aren't so important anymore. I'm vividly aware of the fact that a: I married too young and b: I married a man who I thought I could change (and Dad PLEASE don't perseverate on this) and was too old for me. We had more of a parent-child relationship than a husband-wife relationship. That is not to say that he did't teach me A LOT. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make me happy.

I have to give tons of credit to my soon to be ex-husband because he really has handled this situation with as much class and grace as possible. We certainly have our moments, but I'm SO happy and relieved to know that in the end, we will always be friends and we both have our children's interests at heart. We were and always will be a family, traditional or not. We still have dinner together once a week...he's started calling me with dating questions (awkward!), and I do value his opinion on certain issues, as he does mine.

I guess my point is that the big D word isn't always the kiss of death. Yes, I'm happy. I've moved on. Has he? Will he ever really? I doubt it. But that's just who he is and I have to accept that.

In my twenties I always thought that 35 was REALLY old. Now, I can't wait to turn 40! My 30's (and I'm just barely 34) have been such a learning experience. I'm ready for the real fun and the true AUTHENTICITY.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Text me...

A friend of mine asked her three kids what their New Year's Resolutions would be this year. Her 14 year old daughter said "to text more", which I thought was hilarious.
Hilarious, that is, until I got my latest Verizon bill. With $50 dollars worth up up charges for texting. It's funny...I thought that the premium texting charge meant you could text your little heart out and not get charged extra. Silly me. 776texts later, and I'll be storming the Verizon store this morning to change my account! A special thanks to all my friends with i phones.

Of course, being 33 and texting makes me feel very cool for some reason. Young and hip and all that...
Alas, I am young and hip no longer. Yesterday I traded my Volvo station wagon in for a Toyota Sienna minivan. I was leaning toward a Suburban. I just really wanted more space for the kids to spread out and quit touching each other in the car! Well, my friend insisted that I atleast test drive the Sienna Limited that had been sitting at our local dealer for a while. It's got all the bells and whistles...more than I need really. I have to say, after one afternoon I was pretty convinced. By the end of a very SILENT carpool with three five year olds watching the DVD player and not pissing and moaning all the way home I was officially hooked. I am loving that car! Yet another thing I said I would never do and here I am...pimpin around town in the mini. Gotta love it.

Have a great weekend!

XOXO Sippycups

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here's What's Been Going On...

Wow! What a whirlwind December! We had a great holiday (our first with two separate houses for the kids, which turned out surprisingly well). The kids left on Christmas day with Dr. Daddy and my brother to ski in Colorado. Apparently, they're naturals. Well, duh!
My family was here to visit, as was a special friend. We spent a week of pure bliss (although I'm sure many of my friends are wondering if I'm still alive). I managed to make the final decision to build rather than buy a home, and I've been working on growing my photography hobby/business and reinstating my nursing license. So...not busy AT ALL. He He.

A few of my faves from a recent twin shoot...

The home I've decided to build is in a neighborhood that has primarily crafstman style homes which is not a style I EVER thought I would embrace but I've fallen in love with. These are some initial concepts I have but I would LOVE to see any photos you have to offer!

My biggest issue now is whether to build on the more expensive lot at the top of the hill but sacrifice some of the details I LOVE, or to build down below at the bottom of the subdivision on a culdesac with less view but more special touches and upgrades. Thoughts, ideas?

Thanks again for all your kind words of support with the ongoing separation and divorce. It's going surprisingly well...I've insisted we have a meal once a week as a family and I think we're all settling in to the idea of the end of the marriage. It's like surviving when someone else has died...but I KNOW in the end that this is for the best and that my children will be happier in the end. Trying to do it right? That's a whole other story!

To add to my family's stress...my oldest little brother deployed to Iraq this month. He left behind his newly pregnant newlywed and a really WORRIED family! Please pray for him. You can track his progress at his wife's blog...The Sand is Different Here.

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!