Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Design Help!

I need your help! Picking light fixtures for my new home has been a challenge. I love SO many different things. The lighting allowance provided by the builder is a joke so I've just decided to pick what I like and not stress about the pricing too much. I think lighting adds such character to a home and since this will be a brand new build I'm hoping to have as much character as possible.

So, my first issue has been BabyGirl's room. Here is a photo of her current room. Her room in the new house will be very similar, but will only have one window (yes, one of those valances will be for sale soon!).

The fabric is so perfect for her: a kind of oriental flair with lots of animals but still very feminine. It's primary colors are pink, green and khaki. Since it does have that oriental flair and I wanted something a little funky that would grow with her, I picked this chandelier from Shades of Light. I'm thinking of either no shades or some light pink shades.

Of course, BabyGirl has other ideas. She prefers these options from Posh Tots and Pottery Barn Teen.

Now, to add more confusion, the green bamboo chandelier would look great in my guest room as well...

I just don't know what to do. Therefore...I'm asking your advice! Please see the poll above and cast your vote!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Remember these little cuties?

Several posts back I posted some photos I took of a friend's twins. They are so adorable! I was lucky enough to get to shoot them again this weekend. It was a short session but we got some great shots! It's hard to believe how quickly they've grown...

Now, for all you camera gurus out there I have a question: I recently purchased the D90 and have been using it with my Sigma 50mm 1/1.4 lens. I have LOVED this lens in the past but I'm not having as much luck with the D90. I feel like my photos should be more crisp, more clear, and require less editing. Of course, this from the girl who bought a book explaining the camera and hasn't read it. Any thoughts?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long time, no talk!

I'll be posting soon about all the fun things I've picked out for the new house! BTW...I decided to go for the lot at the top of the hill. It's on a culdesac as as well and the cost difference wasn't enough to justify not having that view!

For now, head over and check out Preppy Napkin's new look! She's also got a great giveaway going on that you don't want to miss. A preppy pink and green handpainted cocktail napkin holder.

Leave a comment, become a follower and she will enter your name in the drawing.
If you post this giveaway on your blog, she'll enter your name twice.

Good Luck!

expires Saturday the 20th