Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seven Year Itch

For the past few years Dr. Daddy and I have spent our anniversary here...

This year, however, I was such a lucky girl that I got to spend my anniversary here...

Pourquoi? Well, let's just say I'm a good wife. We actually had friends who agreed to take our kids for the night (thank you SO much CS and AS) so we could easily have gone to the Homestead. Heaven on earth I tell ya. But alas, they had a two night minimum stay this weekend (bastards) and the stars just weren't aligned for us. SOOOO, instead we got to go see Dr. Daddy's favorite band from med school at UVa. The Skip Castro Band. I must say, I was less than thrilled at first. After four gin and tonics, however, they were really good and I was really glad that we got to do what he wanted to do for once. You see, I have been a bit difficult lately, what with wanting to move to a new (old) house only 9 miles away. Dr. Daddy has been very patient and understanding. Hanging out at this dive bar (it's actually a restaurant, can you believe it?) was the least I could do.

As for the seven year itch, I was happy to learn that when asked at work if he had it, Dr. Daddy rolled his eyes and delivered a disgusted "no".


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