Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's not cute.....

it's a crotchety, kid-hating SOB. Now that I've had the entire car ride home to fume I'm ready to get it all out. My girlfriend JC and I met for lunch today at our local grocery store cafe. We shared lunch with our two 5 year old boys, my 3 year old daughter and her 2 year old daughter. Natch, they finished sooner than us so we let them run around in the corner nearest us. Let's set the scene here, folks. Upstairs grocery store cafe area. Wide open. LOUD. Our kids were certainly animated but by no means out of control. They were basically running circles around a sitting area that was otherwise unoccupied.
Enter the crotchety, kid-hating SOB. This MAN, no older than my husband, approached our table and says "It's not cute......it's distracting" After I managed to shut my pie hole that was hanging WIDE OPEN, I turned to watch this man walk away. I'm wondering where he was sitting that we were being so distracting. Perhaps he's directly behind us? Maybe he's trying to have a business meeting. MAYBE he's on the phone. You can imagine my shock and amazement as he proceeded to walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS the cafe and sit down ALONE. We're talking a good 25 yards away here people. Then I start to think...WTF? Who would come to eat lunch at a grocery store in the middle of the week when it's quite obviously going to be full of SAHM's and their noisy kids if they DON'T LIKE KIDS. Now, I can understand if there had been incessant screaming, wild running all over the joint, tripping people or getting in people's way. None of that. Just four kids playing chase IN A CORNER. SOOOOOO many things came to mind that I would have loved to have related to this MAN. However, my mother raised me better than that. Maybe HIS mother should have talked to MY mother.

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