Thursday, January 3, 2008


What a day we've had. It started out fine...BabyGirl and I hangin out at home with no place to go. BabyBoy even went for a playdate after school, leaving us to our quiet solitude once more. At 3:15pm we left for ballet (after I rushed BabyGirl to get ready and she slipped and fell halfway down the basement stairs (thank goodness they're carpeted!)). She was already frazzled but when we got there and found no other cars in sight she came unwound. Apparently, the ballet instructor requires a TWO week hiatus for the holidays. Damn. I knew I shouldn't have let Dr. Daddy take her the week before Christmas. To make things worse, I had been threatening BabyGirl for days that she had better perform and be on task or she'd have to submit her resignation. Seems that when Dr. Daddy went for the parent's viewing day she was non participatory. So, all that threatening for nothing.
Theeeen, I get home and Dr. Daddy calls to let me know that there's no end in sight in the OR and he might not be home for dinner. AGAIN. Oh, and he switched call so that he has a 24 hour in house call this Saturday. Perfect. Just in time for me to get to attend a pool party for BabyGirl's friend who's turning three. Let's not forget that the parents have to suit up as well...JUST IN CASE. Isn't that what the lifeguards get paid good money for?! I had so been counting on Dr. Daddy assuming this torture. Plus, I had actually spent an hour in the kitchen this afternoon preparing a lovely meal that we may or may not consume this evening. I can guarandamntee that the kids won't be eating the Neiman Marcus turket meatloaf and boursin mashed potatoes with shitake mushroom gravy.
Enough of all that.
Have ya'll gotten your new Williams-Sonoma catalog? How excited was I to see that they have a hot pink hemstitched linen tablecloth? Just in time for BabyGirl's Fancy Nancy Birthday party. Plus, the pink will actually look really cute in my dining room after I get my new curtains.

They also have this adorable pink and green toile but I think it's a bit too preppy for my house.

Anyone have any ideas for a Fancy Nancy Birthday party invite?


The 5 Bickies said...

Oh my goodness...what a day!
I too got the Williams Sonoma catalog today and loved it! Love those tablecloths. Also got Pottery Barn and thought they had some cute ideas for Valentine's Day! Might try to make the bags for the back of the chairs for the 1st grade party.

As for Fancy Nancy invites...fine stationery had tiaras, princesses, pink poodles, and pink fluffy cupcakes. Any of those would be great.

Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

magnolia mama said...

Magnolia Daddy works late ALL the time so I feel your pain.

If you're interested in a custom invitation, let me know! I can send you samples of things I've designed.

Candace said...

Toooo preppy??!?! Is there such a thing? Love your blog!

sle said...

OK Miss Sippy! None of that...remember item number 5 from January 2, 2008 post. (I am allowed to say that because my husband is still at the office and it is 10:00 pm! He has a big meeting in the morning.) I am loving the pink tablecloth...can't wait for my catalog to come.

suburban prep said...

What a day you have had.
love the tablecloth. SO pretty and all.

workinthatpreppy said...

would you believe my dining room is already a pink and green garden toile...the only room in my house with my fav colors....