Thursday, January 10, 2008

The trunk shows are coming, the trunk shows are coming!

Great day today! Preppy Napkin and I headed off to Lynchburg to find fabric and trim at Moyanne. I found an absolutely gorgeous tape trim for my dining room curtains. I loved it so much that I bought the same trim in a different color way for my stepmom's dining room curtains. Good thing she trusts my taste! I can't wait to get those curtains made and post pictures. Preppy Napkin was kind enough to tolerate BabyGirl tagging along and we even got to have a lovely meal at Meriwethers Restaurant. They have the best red pepper and crab bisque I have ever tasted. Divine!

It seems that lately I've been bombarded with the trunk show catalogs. I can't wait to shop for Spring! If only my wallet were as excited as I am. Here are some of my faves so far:

From Orient Expressed:

From Beaux et Belles:

From Just Ducky Originals:

And how excited was I to see these two cuties (my pediatrician's twins as well as BabyGirl's classmates) on the front cover of Just Ducky's catalog? Small world....

Of course, this immediately led BabyGirl to believe that she simply must have everything in that particular catalog!

I host the Chez Ami show at my home and every year I buy one of each of their swimsuits. They are so adorable!!! Unfortunately, their catalog is in PDF so I can't post the pics but I will asap!


Ned said...

You should have come to Richmond yesterday!

kelly bee said...

i think my baby girl would agree. there's nothing cuter than just ducky. except maybe the lavender pansies smocked bishop i ordered today at an orient expressed show. i liked the pinks in the catalog but the lavender was sooo cute in person.
page 10 :)

kelly bee said...

omg, how could i, kelly bee, have forgotten that i also ordered bee hand towels from orient expressed??? i need to go for a check-up!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

So many cute things out there in all those trunk show catalogs that I am having a hard time deciding. This is the first season I am not doing OE.

Mom on the Run said...

My kids are grown, but when they were little the big shows were Kelly's Kids, Fast Friends and Wooden Soldier. They were always dressed alike/coordinating for church every Sunday--we were always known for that. The funny thing is that the girls still dress alike or coordinate and they're 18 & 20.