Monday, December 17, 2007

The Train Depot

When we moved into our new (old) house, I asked BabyBoy what kind of room he wanted. In our last house his room had kind of a travel theme. The roman shades had fabric with camels, pyramids, midevil looking tents, compases and maps. He has several mobiles and hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling. I used to buy him one each year at a little store in Corolla, NC. I love how they add depth to the room.
For his new room BabyBoy had only one request. "I want it to look like a train depot". No surprise there, but how the hell do I accomplish that without putting some cheezy mural on the wall?
SOOOO, I scoured catalogs for anything I could find that might add that "train depot" feeling (whatever that might be). I settled on a fun hanging light from Pottery Barn Kids.

This was pretty much the best I could do with the train depot theme. Then, we found this awesome rug shop in Farmville, Virginia. In our old (new) house we had carpeted bedrooms. In the new (old) house we have hardwood floors (which I LOVE). So, we needed three new rugs. The store we found is called
Rug Rats. They have a huge selection of decorator rugs. We picked the patterns we liked and then ordered them to fit. I love the rug we found for BabyBoy's room. It's definitely a style that will carry him from childhood up into adolescence (assuming he doesn't manage to destroy it by then!).

His bed, bookshelf and armoire are from Pottery Barn Kids as well. I'm not in love with the quality of their products, but for the price I think they're fine.

I've already mentioned the mobiles, and I also had a local artist paint a framed cork board for all of the little art projects, etc. that he'd so love to tape to the walls! She did a great job of replicating the compass images from the fabric that I used to make the window treatments.

I made his window treatments about four years ago for his old room and thank goodness they fit the windows in our new (old) house. They had to be slightly altered but that's nothing compared to having to make them all over again!

Now, for his tree! BabyBoy requested a tree with (eek!) colored lights this year. Thankfully, I had a four and a half footer stored up in the attic that hadn't ever been used. We set it up on his train table and he has loved building different tracks around it. His tree is unique in that the topper is a wooden Pinnochio that my Mom bought in Florence, Italy. I wire it to the the top of the tree. The other ornaments are mostly Hallmark with a Nickelodeon or Disney theme. He also has some trains and some sports ball ornaments. In the past we've done a popcorn string all around the tree but since this one was smaller we just did some sparkly stars. He loves to sleep with the tree lights on at night. My little scaredy cat.

Hopefully, I'll get to post the family room and sun room tomorrow. BabyBoy is home from school today with a "tummy ache". It seems to be catching, as when I picked him up this morning there were several other boys being picked up at the same time. They were all planning the football game they were going to play together this afternoon. Hmmmmm...maybe not so sick after all.

BTW...Eric! You're too sexy for my blog. Love ya!


magnolia mama said...

I must ask - where did you get that airplane mobile? I'm about to redo my boys' room with airplanes.

Farrell & Lauren said...

love that tree topper!

kari said...

Great room! I really love that rug. Thanks for sharing.