Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dig down deep...

In your wallet, that is. Are you finding crumbs and hair rubber bands like me? No expense account left at this point. So why was I out shopping yesterday?
I don't normally do the post Christmas sales...I just don't like crowds and find it extremely irritating that people actually push and shove to save a few bucks. I do, however, try to get over to Hallmark to see what collectible ornaments they have left. They're great for the kids' trees. Luckily, Dr. Daddy took the entire week off so I was able to scoot out without the little lambs.
Here's what I found. Not bad, I think!

I also stopped by my favorite local gift shop and literally bought the wreath off their front door. I've been wanting two of these for the larger mirrors in my house but wasn't prepared to pay full price. Lucky me, they were half off! I also picked up this adorable Christmas fairy. I love these little guys from Mark Roberts. The bigger ones are great for decorating wreaths with as well. A fairy and a bow and you look like you paid a decorater hundreds of dollars for your fancy decor!

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The Pink Clutch said...

Just because there is nothing but scary Little Ones' items in the bottom of my hobo bag doesn't seem to stop me from stopping in for some after Christmas sales! Got some great items yesterday from PBarn along with some adorable red polka dot plates for $5 each! Super cute ornaments you found!