Friday, September 12, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I've had several reader requests and I'm trying to play catch up! If you've made a request lately and haven't seen a post about it please send another comment. It's been kind of crazy around here with the start of school and other things going on. The first request I'm going to address today is preppy pillows. I had a reader ask what suggestions I would make for pillows to go with a muted green couch. To be honest, my decorating style isn't necessarily preppy, per se. I think it's more traditional with a twist, although I do love cute pillows.

I think the number one thing you can do to prep up your pillows is make sure they have a fabulous trim. Mix and match different fabrics for trim and also mix in some fringe or other similar trimming. I'm not big on beads for trim on pillows. They get kind of ratty after awhile and look more eclectic than I usually like.

Let's assume the couch looks similar to this one from Ballard Designs:

If you wanted something quick and easy but also neutral to match whatever else may be in the room you could go with these, also from Ballard Designs:

If it were me personally, I would love one of these fabrics from Thibaut.

If you want to see some other great examples of preppy pillows go over to
Bravado Design. Tons of adorable examples.

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