Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Blogger of the Week

Week, two weeks, month, whateva. I'm tryin here people. I do get to read new blogs all the time and I LOVE it. Everynowandagain I find one that I'm smitten with. This week it's Ciao Tay Designs. LOVE her stuff. She reminds me of a young Tory Burch, and we all know how I feel about HER. Here's what Taylor from Ciao Tay has to say...

I am a 25 year old freelance graphic designer from Raleigh, NC but am relocating to Charleston, SC in October (I can not get enough of the Low Country- I went to The Savannah College of Art and Design.) My main interests are cupcakes, color theory and creating new concepts daily. I have spent most of my life absorbing unqiue spaces that have become inspirations of my current designs. After graduating from SCAD in Advertising Design and Metals and Jewelry, I began my creative process through observing typography, patterns, unique paper, bold colors and collecting found objects. My business, ciaotaydesigns is a cultivation of these inspirations that have become fun, eye-catching graphic pieces that inspire me and hopefully others everyday. These pieces include print advertisements, paper products, branding, pattern design, packaging, wedding invitations, social stationery and custom design.

...and here's her Etsy Store. Cutie cute cute. She's just entered a contest on, so go on and vote for her! (especially all you South Carolina girls!)


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

you have the greatest recommendations! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow---move over, Tory!

Love Taylor's vibrant color and edgy design. Please show us more of her work!

Anonymous said...

Move over, Tory.

Love Taylor Lyon's vibrant and edgy designs!

Please show us more of her work!