Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kel...send me an email!

Hah! I got your comment. Congratulations on your second! You think having a second baby is busy. Good lawd, child. I thought having them both in school would free up so much's exactly the opposite!
Between swimming and soccer and gymnastics and ballet and LIFE, I can't even get my laundry folded!
I'm completely convinced that if we miss one word on the first grade spelling test we might not get into UVA. I actually called two people last night with questions regarding the true definition of the long "a" sound. NO JOKE.
Anyway, send me a comment with your email.


Kelly said...

Hey! Omg i can only imagine when it gets to the pressure of school! I will probably be totally grey haired by then (or bald from plucking them all out!):). What is this farce of second children being easier than the first? Big fat lie. If i had Thomas first, i would only have Thomas! :) Ok gotta run but wanted to drop my email:

Nina said...

I so enjoyed your comments about Diddy. What a freakin' joke. I am one of the few (very few probably) republicans in academia. I teach at a small, private liberal college in CT. I am so sick to death of all the trash talk. It drives me crazy. What I still cannot understand is why my colleaques, college professors, who worked so hard to earn their Ph.D.s like myself and work so hard for their money would want to vote for a man that wants to take that hard earned money from them.