Friday, September 5, 2008

Dontcha Wish You Had One of THESE to Sell on EBay!

Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down

I'm guessing the author of this book never imagined it would be such a hot item!

I'll be honest. I really do love Sarah Palin at this point. I think she's a solid nominee. For all those who don't like her or just plain don't know should atleast wait to pass judgement until you've gone to this website and seen what she really stands for. Yes, she is very conservative. I'm a very moderate conservative and I still think she's great. I would, however, make some "image" suggestions to her. A stylist, perhaps? Until now, she's been the governor of a rural state. I would say it's about time to roll out that future VP expense account and throw out all the old Ann Taylor duds. Let's face it...she's a hottie! Dr. Daddy commented during her speech at the convention that she reminded him of the teacher from the movie Varsity Blues that ended up being a stripper. SHE SO DOES. I googled "stripper teacher from Varsity Blues". It turns out a lot of other people thought so, too! The actress who played that role is Tonie Perensky. Here's a picture:

I guess my biggest issue with Gov. Palin's look is her glasses. Lose the glasses for pete's sake! I feel like you can't really see into her soul because you can't really see her eyes. And they're pretty eyes! The hair definitely looks better down, or atleast half up, half down. When she has it all up it looks very much like a librarian. She should forget the whole concept of trying to look more serious or more intellectual but making herself look older. She's an attractive, classy woman and I think she should take every opportunity to WORK IT.

A few of my style suggestions:



Badgley Mischka

St. John


and pretty much ANYTHING Dior

And for the Inaugural Ball...Vera Wang


Anonymous said...

I really like, Palin, too! And couldn't agree more that she needs a style makeover!! Loved all of your choices!

Amy said...

Amen! I was so surprised to see an article on Thursday in USA Today about her glasses. Apparently MANY people have been calling the company wanting their own pair. Excuse me? And I completely agree about the hair. It just looks harsh up. Surely Cindy McCain could share some style tips (and money!).

Lauren said...

Gov. Palin did remind me of the teacher on Varsity Blues. I think as the campaign progresses her style will evolve.

News Readin' Wife said...

That winter white Dior suit is divine!
I think Cindy just needs to have a What Not to Wear moment with her.

Anonymous said...

I like Sarah Palin too! Actually, I think that Michelle Obama could use a stylist or just a clothing upgrade. I know she's gotten some great press for things she has worn. But her dress on the last night of the convention didn't seem spectacular. Nina Garcia from Project Runway wants Sarah, Michelle and Cindy on the show - wouldn't that be fun.

Kara said...

I think why so many people love Sarah Palin is because she is down to earth and people can relate to her. I think she is beautiful, if you start making changes to her wardrobe etc., she will become more like Washington and less like "Real America". Just a thought. But love all of your clothing ideas!
Love your blog, you always make me laugh!
God Bless,
Kara - Texas

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I'm kinda liking those glasses! I think they give her the more intellectual look - plus no men will be able to listen to her without naughty thoughts if she she looks too sexy! (lol)... I definitely didn't like that brown black striped jacket she wore the other day while campaigning although I really liked what she wore for the Big Speech. I know this is going to sound weird, but I think she has the cutest mannerisms. Something very endearingly feminine yet tough at the same time about her. And that's rare. I'm having a very *ahem* "lively" discussion over at my blog about her. I wasn't going to ever venture into politics, but she is so exciting I couldn't help it. :)

Preppy Wedding said...

You have me laughing at my desk. I'm not a huge Palin fan, but I LOVE your style suggestions!!

3 Peanuts said...

Ohhh--GREAT choices. YOu should totally be he stylist! you have fabulous taste.

Monogramchick said...

i like the st. john the best! the adult costumes were lovely--so sorry i won't be dressing up. haha!