Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Funny Story:
I was just reading Happy Housewife's Blog and it made me think of a funny story.
I had a friend who (very sadly) moved to California. She had the most adorable son named Alexander. He had a larger than life playroom with gazillions of toys. He also had these adorable Pottery Barn Kids Chairs. They were blue and white gingham. One of them was embroidered with "Alexander". The other one said "Friend". At the time, my girlfriend was trying to get pregnant. That took about two seconds and so when she became pregnant I let her know that when she had the baby, be it boy or girl, she would have to name it "Friend".
Seriously! Otherwise, she would have to pay for a new chair with new monogramming, etc. Am I wrong?


magnolia mama said...

Cute. We have those chairs and they are awesome!

Preppy Napkin said...

Funny! Thanks for tonight. It was fun!