Friday, October 19, 2007

Sad Mommy

Both of my kids have loveys. They were both shower gifts from friends who gave me great advice on how to raise babies and why the lovey is so important. I didn't breastfeed but I still wanted that connection with my babies when I was feeding them. So when my milk came in (and did it ever) I slept with the lovey in my shirt for a few days so it would get my "scent". Both kids immediately latched on to their loveys and that was IT. BabyBoy still sleeps with his "Lionel" the lamb but he really isn't so attached anymore. BabyGirl, however, is still pretty attached to her "Ellie" the elephant. Or so I thought. I found poor Ellie on the couch this evening after putting BabyGirl to bed. She forgot all about her.
Believe me, there have been times when I cursed myself for getting the kids attached to these things. We've lost them and had to search FOREVER to find them. We even found Ellie at the bottom of our outside trashcan one night. That would be ME who found her. Dr. Daddy slept soundly in his bed completely unaware of my strong sense that we had lost a family member when we couldn't find Ellie that night. When I finally found her I was in tears only to creep into BabyGirl's nursery and find her sleeping with some other dolly. When I woke her up to show her Ellie she smiled so sweetly and said "You're the best girl in the world, Mommy".
Tonight when I took Ellie into BabyGirl's room after finding her on the couch she said the exact same thing. "You're the best girl in the world, Mommy". I wonder if she'll still be saying that when she's 16?

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Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

We have an Ellie the elephant too. She is a lifesaver and we can not live without her. What your daughter said to you is so sweet. And yes, I bet she will still be saying that when she is 16. Probably when she is 30 too. :)