Friday, October 12, 2007

Say Cheese!

Fall seems to have finally arrived around here. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. I had to bite my tongue yesterday morning while playing tennis. I so badly wanted to complain that I was TOO COLD but didn't dare for fear that mother nature might take it out on me later. Having my bare legs that chilly reminded me of high school football games when we had to wear those short little cheerleading skirts with no leggings!

I'm also psyched that it's cooler because my kids are being photographed this weekend for our Christmas card. Stefanie Weber, who is absolutely the best photographer I've ever worked with, will be taking their pictures. They'll be in winter clothes and I was terrified that if it didn't cool down they would be roasting and complaining mercilessly (much like the LAST time Stefanie tried to photograph them). Here are a couple samples of her last effort:

Amazing, right? Here's what the kids will (hopefully) wear for this session:

BabyGirl will wear this adorable BabyGap dress, Hanna Andersson tights and red Primigi Mary Janes.

Assuming he cooperates (and this is really going out on a limb) BabyBoy will wear this shirt by Hartstrings, cords from Janie and Jack and a cord jacket by Beaux et Belles (monogrammed, of course!)in khaki cord with khaki and white mini check lining.

Wish us luck!!!


magnolia mama said...

Good luck. Your children are beautiful.

MMM said...

LOVE your outfits! Good luck getting that perfect picture.I want babygirl's dress in a big girl size.

Stefanie Weber Photography said...

oh my goodness-i'm so excited! i love the clothes you've picked out. see you sunday!

Happy Homemaker said...

Good luck! I think picture-taking is so stressful... even with the wonderful Stefanie! Can't wait to see!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! The little girls dress is to die for! Too cute.