Sunday, August 5, 2007

Snow In August

We're back from the beach and good times were had by all. With five adults, six college kids, two high schoolers, and two toddlers you can imagine the chaos! Our week was filled with the beach, drinking too much, the pool, eating too much, the aquarium, tennis, and did I mention drinking too much? We had some truly entertaining evenings that ran the gamut from dinner at a five star restaurant to getting kicked out of a sketchy karaoke bar. (note to self: you're 31, it's time to start behaving like an adult and not a college coed) We even had the time to finish the second season of Weeds on DVD. If you haven't seen this show you absolutely MUST. It kicks NIP/TUCK in the rear.
So we got back yesterday and the packing has begun again. I ran down to the basement for a few minutes. When I returned upstairs, to what my wondering eyes should appear, but two children laughing hysterically and throwing paper shreds all over the house as though they were frolicking in the snow. You see, Dr. Daddy bought himself a fancy new shredder and had given me the fruits of his labor to use for padding dishes. The kids found the bag full of shred and decided to throw it all over the first floor of the house. I have to say, when I saw the disaster I couldn't help but laugh. They were having SO much fun. Of course, when they saw me they immediately ran to hide behind the couch inside the fort they had made out of boxes. An hour later, the mess was cleaned up and the children had gone upstairs to terrorize their father. Good times.

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How's the move going??