Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bust a Move

Moving week is here in full force. Dr. Daddy has conveniently been on call all week. Lovely. BabyGirl is in Richmond with my parents and they've lost her lovie, Ellie. Good luck with getting her to sleep tonight suckas. BabyBoy is in soccer camp from 9-12 each day and I've had wonderful, generous friends who have taken him off my hands for a few hours after that each day. My brothers have both come to help. Paid help, of course, but who can blame them? Going to college and drinking heavily costs money these days. And apparently for these two, so do Gucci jeans. Excuse me, but I didn't even know Gucci made jeans. How pedestrian.
At any rate, we've gotten a ton done over the past three days. Carpets cleaned, wallpaper istalled in the dining room (it's gorgeous, ya'll. I can't wait to show pics...), plumbing issues fixed (for now), painting continues, carpet install and rugs arrive tomorrow, kitchen unloaded (210 glasses alone, thank you very much), carpentry completed in playroom. The moving company will come on Saturday to move the furniture and then we'll be officially in! Then we have to deal with where to mount the plasmas, where to hang pictures (including the God awful collage of my MIL that we received two years ago for Christmas), and having the garage doors put on. Seriously ya'll, it's taking a frikin' VILLAGE to get these dang garage doors put on. Who would have thought? Oh, and my electrician cancelled so I had to beg, borrow and steal to get someone out to the house to install six fixtures, take down two, and wire the foyer for sconces. No easy task in a 67 year old house. I'm lovin it.
On that note, did you see the Today show this morning where they talked about whether fast food advertising has an effect on how much crap our kids eat? HELLO? You would have to be living in a hole just north of Antarctica to think it didn't. So what? Free enterprise, ya'll. After having watched Fast Food Nation I have come to terms with the fact that my kids and myself are super abusers. Poor Dr. Daddy refuses to eat fast food unless there is nothing else within 100 miles. Literally. Maybe that would explain why he's been the same weight for 25 years and I've gained 10 pounds in the last year. Hmmmm. We'll reflect on that another time.


Happy Homemaker said...

Hilarious. Moving's a bitch. Now I have Bust A Move on the brain. Thanks for that one!

Sounds like all is well! Can't wait to see! At least you still seem to have your sense of humor!

sle said...

LOVE the "sucka" comment and LOVE the "collage" comment even more!
Never met you but I wish you lived next door! LOL.