Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

We've had a typical "week before school starts" so far. Yesterday BabyBoy had his yearly physical. All went well until they had to prick his finger, at which point he screamed as though his arm had been amputated. Better than last year, though. In my infinite wisdom I chose to have his five year shots at his four year appointment since he was going to JK. It was a nightmare. This child is such a drama queen. After the nurse (who just so happens to be a hateful, mean person) finished with his five shots, BabyBoy took time between screams to yell "I hate that nurse. She's such a bitch." Oops! Guess he heard me talking about her to Dr. Daddy that morning.
On our way home from the doctor BabyBoy allowed me to know that he hates my car and BabyGirl proved once again that girls really do have mental superiority.

BabyBoy: I hate this car.

Me: Really, why?

BabyBoy: I liked our car with the DVD player better.

Me: Well, you better learn to like it because when you get your driver's license this is what you'll be driving.

BabyBoy: I'm not driving this car...I'm going to get Daddy's fast car.

Me: Hah! Good luck.

BabyGirl: I'll drive this car, mommy. I love it. Besides, you can't watch movies while you're driving anyway. (looking at her brother) DUH.

BabyBoy: Speechless.

BabyGirl: Girls rule, boys drool.

And that was the end of that.