Friday, August 17, 2007

Shake, rattle and roll

So what does a girl do when she's got a thousand boxes to unpack and crap everywhere? She watches High School Musical 2, of course! I haven't even seen the first one but my three year old was dying to watch this so I joined in whilst folding some laundry. I have to tell you, I was completely enthralled. It's like Grease for this generation. BabyGirl was having the time of her life dancing in front of the mirror. She has allowed me to know that she wants to be a cheerleader and a dancer. No surprise there. With that bootie she's got to be in some kind of music. BabyBoy was completely uninterested, which surprised me. Alas, he is a boy afterall.
We spent today wasting time at Target, unpacking many, many boxes of VHS tapes (I'm tellin ya'll, Dr. Daddy is stuck in the 80's and will never leave), and unpacking tons of books (again, stuck in the 80's) When I tried to explain that the stellar set of encyclopedias that he was unpacking were completely obsolete and that our kids would use the internet to get their school info he looked at me as though I had just sprouted a second head and suggested we move to Mars. Seriously.
At any rate, our playset is reassembled in the back yard and we're ready for playdates. Desperate, actually. Tomorrow will be more of the same with cooler weather, thank God.
Hope ya'll have a better weekend than me!


sle said...

I think your husbands long lost twin brother lives at my house!

sas said...

A lot of students at my school were have High School Musical 2 parties. I tuned in to see what I was missing. It was extremely cheesy..just my kind of show! :)