Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Warning...Burnout Ahead

I have to apologize for not posting lately. We just got our computer hooked back up yesterday and I didn't get my new email address until today. So far, we've made the move with no major catastrophies. Everything's in and it all fits. Kind of. It WILL fit once I get it all put away and out of the middle of the floor. I finally had to put the closet together yesterday after Dr. Daddy woke me up at the buttcrack of dawn to ask where the hell his pants were. Oops. I mean really. Does he really NEED pants to wear to work? What about those cute little scrubs they have? Whateva. Anyhoo...MOST of the clothes are put away. That would be all the clean clothes. Let's not even discuss the mounds of clothes that need to be washed.
On the washing note I do have good news. As a result of the move I am the proud new owner of a front loading washer and dryer. Let me tell you folks, these are the bomb. I will never hate on doing laundry again. They are amazing. I bitched for a few days about the cost and all of the other FUN things I could be spending the cash on but after using these puppies I am hooked.
The next thing I'll have to spend some dough on is Weight Watchers. I can't even remember the last time I worked out and I've been chowing down on all the baked goods the neighbors have brought by. Awesome cookies, by the way KM. When we ate them the first time they were still warm. Have mercy.
I'm done working for tonight. More organizing tomorrow! I think I'll load the china cabinet tomorrow. Does that sound fun or what?!


sle said...

Oh, how I want one of those washing machines and dryers. I have done everything to this ole Maytag I have and it will not die! I probably jinxed myself now and it will die in December the week before Christmas,LOL.

Happy Homemaker said...

Can't wait to stop by and see!

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

my hubbie hardly ever wears his scrubs and i think he looks soo cute in them! Oh, and I am going to do the sign up for weight watchers as I am watching the weight go sky high as friends and loved ones KNOW how much "angie" loves sweets and have brought tons of food since my surgery!