Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Stick or Not to Stick

That is the question. We've had painters in the house all week. I know, I know, I was having the OUTSIDE of the house painted. But then it rained and I remembered all the interior work we needed done. Remember BabyGirl's awesome Fancy Nancy party? Note to self: DO NOT adhere those adorable Martha Stewart tissue paper decorations to the ceiling with packing tape. I had to have the sunroom ceiling painted because of the left over tape residue. The kitchen also suffered the tape mess in addition to residual staining from a can of tomato soup that exploded when I opened it a few months ago. I always thought that botulism in soup cans thing was a myth. My hand (which was bruised for weeks after the explosion) says notsomuch.

Soooo, the ceiling in the kitchen is now repainted as well. I THOUGHT I had picked the same color blue that is on every other ceiling in the house but apparently not. It's kind of a blue/grey. The color I chose is Whispering Spring from Benjamin Moore. I LOVE it. It's very light and airy with just a hint of blue and maybe a little teal. It is, however, a shade or two lighter than what we have in the other rooms. In hindsight, I'm glad I messed up with the color matching. I like the lighter ceiling in the kitchen much better.

BabyGirl's room had MAYJUH issues. The previous owners had painted latex over oil paint on the ceiling and it was all chipping off. What. A. Freaking. Mess. They had to sand the entire ceiling, prime it TWICE and then paint. Her room was already pink (with the blue ceiling). I wanted more of a shell pink as opposed to the "frosty" effect I'd gotten from the previous two attempts at pink in her room. I guess I had too much purple in the mix. Anyway, I ended up going with a color that was actually called "Frosty Pink" from Benjamin Moore. Too funny. But, it did end up being much softer than the previous pink, if not a tad darker. We painted the ceiling in the same color but in a matte finish (the walls are eggshell). The overall effect is really lovely. Very warm.

Now my question is this...have any of you ever used these adorable wall decals? You can buy them here, at Pineapple Grove Gifts. I'm thinking I want to do a really big decal over BabyGirl's bed. I'm afraid of how the decal will look, though. Is is shiny once you put it on or is it seamless with the wall?

I really like this one...

They have lots of options. Really adorable. Any ideas?


Kate said...

I've never used that brand of decals but my sister and I have decals on our apt walls because we can't paint. No one ever realizes they are decals until we tell them!

Jo said...

I haven't put one directly on the wall, but I did do a small project that I have posted on my blog. I think it looks great. I just ordered a larger one on etsy for the shower doors in our master bathroom. I thought about putting one on my son's wall.
Hope this helps a little,

GroveGals said...

i have a photo of one on the wall if you wan me to send it to you just email at pineapplegrove "at"

Virginia Living said...

I sell Uppercase Living and once they are on the wall it almost looks like it is stenciled on. It is a matte finish. At least our product is.

Amy said...

I have seen these wall decals and they are FABULOUS on the wall. I think you will be very happy!

Benjamin Moore lover said...

I wanted to make you aware of untill now if someone wanted to sample a color they would have to either buy a quart or choose from limited color choices available in jars or pouches. MyPerfectColor invented a pint size can for any color and you can browse all the colors on the web. They also can make any color from any brand using Benjamin Moore paints. They ship all samples to your door fast. when you get a chance please check them out. all this for about half the price of any store.

My favorite is the color combination page

I thought this fits into your spot on "Room with a Hue"

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cancersucks said...

I think it is a darling idea. Check out etsy befor you buy, though. They have tons of those decals in all different sizes.

JillyBean said...

I really like that. Thanks for sharing!