Friday, August 8, 2008

The Cable Guy and other things...

I've been a really bad blogger this week. It's not that I'm ignoring you...I'm just trying to get organized for school to start. I've also been busy listing all of the kids' clothes from last year on EBay. So, if you have a 3 or 4 year old girl click the link to the right of the page that says "Me!" under favorite EBay sellers. Lots of good stuff.
Yesterday I noticed the cable company messing around with the box behind our house. I told BabyBoy not to freak out if the cable went out because the cable guy was working on the box. "The cable guy? Is his name Larry?", he asked. Huh? How does a six year old know about Larry the Cable Guy? Whatever.
BabyGirl has managed, once again, to lose her lovey, Ellie. It's this tattered old Elephant head with a blankie attached. She was sighted yesterday morning but hasn't been seen since. I've been getting rid of old clothes and taking bags to Goodwill. I'm hoping and praying Ellie didn't accidentally get put into one of those bags. I'll be crushed! She's like a member of the family. Of course, it wasn't noted that she was missing until bedtime last night. Dr. Daddy was with the kids while I went to a girl's night out at a friend's house. Apparently he tried to call my cell (which was in the pool bag...oops) and then tried to call the home of the friend I was with. She called this morning concerned that she had gotten the message this morning and he said something to the effect of "Well, this is where I thought she said she was going to be." Nice. Where'd he think I went? A stripclub? He he.
We've turned the house upside down and inside out trying to find Ellie. I even dug through the outside trashcan, since I've found her there before. No luck. I think I'll be sad forever if we don't find her!
Of course, girl's night out turned into way too many glasses of wine, then beer, then I don't even know what. I was quite certain when I fell asleep last night that I would not be hungover today. Hah! Clearly, that was the wine talking cause I've felt like crap all day. Thankfully, the kids have been rather low key. I'll be turning in early tonight.
Keep your fingers crossed that we find miss Ellie!

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