Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's ON

After drinking our weight in wine and getting little to no sleep, my parents and I awoke this morning in preparation to send my baby brother, affectionately known to all as Seanieboy, to VMI. As of this morning, he's officially a rat. We did our best to reassure him but I'm pretty sure it went in one ear and out the other. Boy is nervous. Can't say that I blame him. Glad I didn't actually have to go to the school and drop him off. There would most certainly have been tears involved. Heck, I cried when we dropped him off at summer school...

Here's to you, Seanieboy. We'll be thinking about you and we'll see you in two weeks. It shouldn't be too hard to find us. I'll be the one wearing THIS:

Since BabyGirl has made it abundantly clear that under no circumstances will she wear and "cheaterleader" uniform that does not include some semblance of pink. Awesome. Money well spent. Again.


News Readin' Wife said... cute is he?!

I bet she re-thinks that decision when you buy her a kangaroo costume and a beanie for gamedays.

The Rauths said...

very cute photo!

Mommy Fitts said...

Oh my goodness!! My beloved brother graduated from VMI class of 2002. Both of my brothers (identical twins) started out there- but one left after his Freshman year. I seriously cried lots because I knew the H&LL he was going through. My brother played on the b-ball team as a walk-on. If you are interested I can tell you more. There is now an award in his honor. Call your brother or email him often it is not a fun year as a rat! Good luck!

ms. mindless said...

best of luck to your brother! i went to w&l and had many friends over at vmi. he is really in for a rough year!