Monday, August 18, 2008

New Blogger of the Week

A couple (okay, SEVERAL) weeks ago I did a post on one of my new favorite blogs, The Rauths. At the time, I was determined to spotlight one new blog per week. So things got busy, we went on vacation, yadda, yadda, yadda.
I guess I'll have to accept that I might not be able to post a new blogger EVERY week, but I certainly will try.
My favorite new blogger this week is I Pick Pretty. I love her particular flavor of humor and sarcasm. Makes me want to pour a G and T, sit back and relax as I read her stylish, snarky musings about life.

I asked her to give me a little background info about herself, her blog, etc. Here's what she said:

I’m a thirty-something attorney who landed in Texas quite unintentionally. After having happily grown up in Southern California, I came here a few years ago for a too-good-to-refuse summer job opportunity. I fully intended to leave the day work ended, but alas, I met a boy through friends at a happy hour (polite way of saying “at a bar”). It was crush at first Hefeweizen, although said boy waited until one week before I returned home to ask me out. Fast forward 8 months, and I found myself moving to San Antonio. After marrying the boy there & spending two wonderful years near the Alamo, we recently moved to Austin and love it.

I originally entered the blog reading world while planning my wedding. Two years later, I moved to Austin and started poking around blogs for a few reasons - to understand and observe this wonderful, often wacky state and region I've found myself living in, to connect with people of similar interests and background - not so easy now that we're out of college! - and to find decorating inspiration for my new house. At the encouragement of my husband and a few friends, who I suspect were tired of my flooding their inboxes whenever inspiration struck, I finally decided to both de-lurk on my favorite blogs and start writing one of my own.

When I’m not otherwise blog reading or posting, “real” reading, horseback riding, the arts, and travel are my true loves. I was born just south of the Mason-Dixon line (in Virginia, actually!) , and despite my love of southern California & my status as cotillion dropout, I also find myself drawn to all things traditionally ladylike and Southern. I admit that I’m still drinking my tea unsweetened, but in my defense, I’ve already learned the importance of college football and am a longtime member of the Junior League. If not obsessively reading up on or shopping in relation to any of the above, my husband and I can generally be located entertaining friends or tending to our Pug (naughty), foster Pug (sweetness), or cat (perfection).

It’s a cliché, but I really do find my inspiration in the everyday, in addition to my usual reading suspects (fiction, etiquette, biography, "Vogue", "Town & Country", "In Style", “New York Times” pretentious wedding announcements section, "Southern Accents", The Sports Guy on To butcher an excellent Jane Austen line, for what are we here if not to poke fun at the ridiculous, first and foremost ourselves?

My future goals include being a stay-at-home-mom to two delightful Ralph Lauren-style kids, assuming control of the local PTA in manner of a South American dictator, and owning a stable full of Arabian show ponies. OK, just two healthy kids and maybe one horse would be far more than I deserve, but it never hurts to ask.

So, hop on over and check her out. I can't wait to see what she has to say next. Also, as part of my Favorite Blogger posts, I've decided to gift each of my new faves. So, I Pick Pretty, in hopes that you soon achieve your goal of stay-at-home-mom to two very stylish rugrats, I gift you this adorable onesie from our friends over at Dimples and Dandelions.

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Legallyblondemel said...

I am completely honored! Thanks again!

And my husband would positively keel over in happiness at that adorable onesie, UT nut that he is. Actually, he might just keel over at the thought of having the two adorable rugrats I'll soon insist on, but whatever.