Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Do We Feel About THIS?

I just saw that John and Kate are coming out with this book...

Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets

A description from the publisher...

Kate Gosselin tells the amazing story of how she and her husband, Jon, have survived the overwhelming odds of birthing not only twins but also sextuplets in three years, and how they continue to strive every day to honor Christ while he teaches them to thrive in spite of emotional, financial, social, and physical exhaustion.

From the Back Cover

After the emotional rollercoaster ride of dealing with infertility, Kate and her husband, Jon, rejoiced in the birth of their twin daughters. Three years later, they were pregnant again—with sextuplets. Their quiver was filling fast—a little too fast—and happy wasn’t exactly their first reaction.

I blinked hard and then stared at the bright screen positioned slightly to my right. There was no mistaking what I saw; yet, I was in a state of denial. Dr. Munabi began his fateful count. One … aaah. Two … okay. Three … now I was scared. Four … I started sobbing hysterically. The chill of reality washed over me as I watched my husband, my best friend, cheerleader, and storehouse of strength, slowly drop to his knees at the count of five … but the count continued.

And so it began. Though encouraged to consider selective reduction—both for the sake of Kate’s health and to increase the babies’ chances for survival—the Gosselins opted to play the hand God had dealt them. They accepted the six miraculous blessings and all the challenges that came with them.

After struggling to carry and deliver all six babies, then coping with months of neonatal intensive care, Jon and Kate think they’ve made it through the hardest part of the journey. Not even close. Stress-filled days and sleepless nights became their world as she and Jon managed to feed, bathe, clothe, and monitor, the health of their fragile infants without losing sight of their love for each other and the twins.

Candid, honest, and emotionally-charged, Multiple Blessings is first and foremost a story of faith. It’s the story of slogging through exhausting challenges, coping with setbacks, and trusting that God will provide the strength and resilience to get through each day.

I know there's been some wicked gossip about the Gosselins and I've read the sister's family member's blog. I definitely think Kate can be a beeotch at times but I wonder how I would be in the same situation. Hell, I'm bitchy now and I've only got two kids. I certainly can't blame them for trying to profit from their situation given the extreme financial burden that comes with having all these kids. I guess I just wish that Kate was a little nicer to the hubby every now and then. (I'm pretty sure Dr. Daddy would say the same about me)


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i used to feel good about the book. i was excited to read it. but then i found out that they get paid $25,000 per speaking engagement and they have a whole lot of speaking engagements.

i try not to look, but i occassionally read the gosselins without pity blog.

i used to think that jon and kate's spats were endearing and normal. now they just don't seem loving at all in the new episodes. i'm sure i'll read the book, though!

Muffy said...

I love the show- I'd like to read this!

Suzann said...

I haven't seen this show, but my mother and girlfriend watch faithfully. I have 3 children and I'm not always the perky "Donna Reed" wife and mama. I cannot imagine having that many children all the same general age. Yikes! I give them credit for taking on the children, the burden of being followed around by cameras and taking the time to write the book. Given our state of economy, I applaud them. Emotionally, physically and financially I know I couldn't do it. God Bless 'em.

Liza said...

I read the sister's family member's blog too and I have to say it really opened my eyes. I used to think that Kate Gosselin was pretty awesome, but ever since ready that stuff I can't help but have a huge distaste for her and the way she chooses to handle things. JMO.

Two under two said...

I totally agree with you... I do think she is a major pain the ass sometimes, especially to her husband, but I know I am just as bad with my kids from time to time, and to my husband.

I personally like the episode where Jon asks Kate when she's going to remove the stick....haha

Ashley said...

ooh what's the gossip and what's the blog. I haven't heard anything about them.

Preppy Pugs said...

I guess without knowing Kate & her family on a personal level & not just the t.v. version I can not judge. I don't have any kids, just four dogs. I know at times when I'm stressed from everyday life things I yell at them knowing darn well they have no clue why I'm yelling. We also have to remember that t.v. reality shows profit from entertainment. They may film 24 hrs worth of tape but only use the 30 minutes where Kate is yelling at Jon because that is more entertaining. I know I am not 100% sweet as pie 24 hrs of the day. My loving husband can attest to that. :-)

Southern Fried Girl said...

Her sister has a blog? Is it bitchy? I'm intrigued.

I love the show and frankly think that with all the screaming and yelling and general bedlam in that house with all those kids, Jon and Kate do a remarkable job of not losing their shit on the regular.

Karen said...

I actually pre-ordered this a few months ago on amazon, but I just canceled that pre-order last weekend. No thanks.

leigh said...

Hmmm, you'll have to share the sister's blog. I haven't read that. I will say that having multiples is stressful. I had 3 children within 2 years and alot of times I talk to my husband like she does to hers. I can't imagine what it would be like to have so many little ones.

Just Ask Beth said...

You truly are a nice person, I can tell just from the way you write. It is so easy for any of us to say hateful things about people, but until we walk in their shoes we will never know the real truth. I like to think of Kate as a person with a sarcastic wit, and John, just like some other Daddy's we know, "hard of hearing"! I remember when i taught school and a particular child would just grate on my nerves, I would put myself in the place of their mother and remember how I would want my child treated regardless. The only thing I am anxious to know is why John and kate don't speak to their parents. Does anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

I know! She constantly slugging the poor guy!

Anonymous said...

Yes its hard to be a mom
but does she endlesssly have to whine sbout it esp when she is getying paid

Life is what you make it said...

I think Kate is great. I have heard that the show's message
boards are filled with people who
can't stand her. I don't get it.
It's true that I don't talk to
my husband so bluntly, but I have
one child! It's also true that I
typically don't care for people
who speak with tone, but I guess
given what she is faced with, I
think she is doing so great.
The show often shows her and Jon
being affectionate, laughing and
joking, and shows her being very loving toward the kids - some of
the time. I also think she looks
great, which is not the most
important thing, but I think it is
a nice example to take pride in
your appearance. That combined
with her cooking efforts,
purchasing of all organic food,
and spotless house, and I think she
is superwoman!

Trish said...

Although I truly feel for anyone at all who has lotsa kids - two is my limit - I've never liked the show. In general, I think the way she talks to Jon is horrible. Sure they have their lovey-dovey moments, but I think THOSE are the moments that are "scripted" for the camera. The belittling, the griping... ugh. I'm not a perfect wife/mom either, and I'm sure similar conversations can be heard around my house. But I would be mortified to air it in public.

And I know lots of families with tons of kids who don't have nearly the drama of these people.

Anonymous said...

This is Jodi's sister's blog. I used to love the show, but after reading that and finding the site, I'm not sure I can ever enjoy watching again.

Lilysmom said...

I agree with the last entry! Kate is doing a pretty amazing job with 8 kids. Sure she's a little neurotic, but how could you not be with 8 kids all so close in age. I agree, she is a little harsh with John, but don't most husbands need to be told or give a list of things to do on a daily basis? If I don't tell my husband exactly what needs done, it doesn't get done. How can you blame them for trying to profit (doing good things, I might add) off the situation, for the good of their family. I enjoy the show.

Jennifer said...

I'm inclined to believe the money rumors about high appearance fees. If people are willing to pay, what is the big deal? If I could afford a chef, a tummy tuck, and an 8000 square foot home...with two sets of multiples equalling eight...I would TOTALLY do it. The show's editing leads me to believe that the producers KNOW they have a cash-cow on their hands in Kate's occasional cranky outbursts and the marital they capitalize on it. No one is helping the children (despite good intentions, I'm sure) by bashing the parents in public forums. The bad press has been great publicity, I bet. I love the show, and can't imagine having three kids, let alone eight! JMO.

preppy little dress said...

i think the book will be a great seller, lots of people watch the show. personally, i think they are making too much money off their children, especially since everyone seems to be buying into reality tv these days!

not a kate fan said...

can't.stand.the.Gosselins. I realize that they have eight kids, but just recently some woman in Egypt gave birth to sextuplets, and she had two kids prior. Where's her show? At first, I watched.....but then I heard about the personal organic chef, the free vacations, the new house that the network is building for them, and I thought, how long is this going to carry on? As the kids get older, do you think that they will want the cameras following their every move? It's starting to look a lot like parent exploitation, all done under the guise of "oh, what a crazy life we lead...we need help from all of you."

Bridget said...

bring on the sister's blog! I want to read it!!