Friday, September 28, 2007

A person's a person, no matter how small. - Dr. Seuss

I couldn't help but pass along two funny things BabyBoy said today. At times he can drive me so crazy but most of the time he's such a sweet, funny kid.

He went to the bathroom this afternoon and upon his return this was our discussion:

BabyBoy: Mommy, do you know what's really useful?

Me: What?

BabyBoy: Those toilets at Target that flush themselves. You should really think about buying one of those for my bathroom. Then you wouldn't have to nag me to flush the toilet.

Me: Thanks, I'll take it under advisement.

Note to self: Reprimand Dr. Daddy for telling BabyBoy I'm a nag.

Sometime later we were in the playroom and the kids were coloring some of those felt picture thingies you can get in the dollar bin at Target.

BabyBoy: Mommy, have you seen BabyGirl's picture?

Me: Yes, it's so beautiful.

BabyBoy: Do you know what's more beautiful than BabyGirl's picture?

BabyBoy: BabyGirl. I love her.

WOW. So maybe they don't mean it after all when they're practically mauling each other in the car.


Happy Homemaker said...

Ahhh... so sweet... now post some of those dining room fabrics NOW!!

suburban prep said...

Cute and funny with the first comment and sweet with the second.

Kricket said...

Too sweet!! Mine would be fighting over the crayons.

kari said...

That comment about his sister is too sweet! My kiddos fuss and fight all the time. But, on those rare occasions that they say something nice about each other or stick up for each other, it melts my heart.

SnappyCasualGifts said...

that second conversation was so sweet. Your children are beautiful.

Kimber said...

So sweet!!! And I must agree...Babygirl is absolutely beautiful.


Southern Fried Girl said...

The name of your blog is what attracted me initially but I nosed around a little and the stories of your kids cracked me up. Love it. I'll be back for sure. :)