Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Man

So, we're back from Disney. I'll be sure to post lots of fun pix once I have them downloaded. So far I'm unpacked, some laundry done (who am I kidding? I NEVER have it all done), kids back to the usual 20 times daily fights, Mommy and Daddy only up to two fights today (not bad considering I gave him a hunnydo list a mile long), and the dog pissed the floor once. I would actually have to consider this a lowkey day. At any rate, I found this little questionnaire on a blog and thought it was cute.

1. I met him/her _at a babyshower for my then fiance's aunt which was held at a bar. For real_.
2. We dated _9 months_ before we got engaged.
3. I knew he/she was the one _when we went skiing the first time and he wasn't too much better than me____.
4. The thing I like best about him/her _is that he's wicked intelligent. I always said I'd never marry someone dumber than me. Plus, it makes for pretty smart kids. Shallow, I know__.
5. When he/she proposed _Hah! After a huge fight that started with his mother rearranging his entire house after I had decorated it for our first Christmas.
6. The song we had/want at our wedding _James Taylor...How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You____.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _um, sewing?____, tomorrow my plans include it's Monday and we all know what that means, and Sunday, I want to __N/A___!

For those of you not inclined to do this one, I give you the Food Fill-In Friday!
1. Chips or chocolate? _chips____.
2. Pickles on your hamburger? _lots____
3. Baked potato: with everything or _definitely everything____.
4. The perfect meal _this is a toughie. I have to say a really great sea bass or a really rare steak____.
5. Martinis, wine, beer or _gin and tonic____.
6. Your favorite pirate is (technically not food, but still yummy)_Huh?____.


collard green queen said...

what is it with Monsters in Laws..oops .I mean Mother in Laws rearranging furniture...I have one of those too!

Love your blog!

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

i am a drs. wife too...and, guess what? drinking a glass of chardonnay on a monday night!

pink daisies said...

that is our wedding song too!