Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh, NO she did not!

She really does appear to be such a sweet, innocent doll doesn't she? And for the most part, she truly is. Today, however, she confirmed that kids really do say the darndest things. At BabyBoy's school the teachers bring them out to the car at the end of each day. One of his teachers is quite large but is the absolute sweetest woman you can imagine. Nothing but nice things to say. She even manages to find ways to compliment the fact that BabyBoy talks constantly. Diarrhea of the mouth we call it. He's talking and he can't shut up...
Anyway. Back to BabyGirl. So the teacher is putting BabyBoy in his booster seat and as she walks away but BEFORE the door is shut BabyGirl shouts excitedly "MOMMY! That girl has a BABY in her tummy!!!"
"Wh, WHAT DID YOU SAY?", I asked as I closed the windows as fast as their little power motors could go.
"Oh, well, maybe she's just fat", she says.
Now, we have really tried to reiterate to the kids that some people are just bigger than others and that it's okay for everyone to be different. BabyBoy is really good about it. Obviously, BabyGirl is still working on that one. Thankfully, I think BabyBoy was talking so loud at the same time that the teacher didn't even hear her. Hopefully?


Scarlett said...

I really enjoy reading your blog!

But I have to comment that this sentence totally offended me:

"One of his teachers is quite large but is the absolute sweetest woman you can imagine."

It sounds like you are implying that "quite large" people are not usually sweet. Surely that's not what you meant, right?

My daughter is 3, and we have had our fair share of embarassing outbursts! We discuss frequently how you never comment on other's appearance negatively. It is what is on this inside that matters. This approach has worked for us.

This is your blog, and you are free to say what you wish. Just thought I'd give my thoughts.

The Charmed Life Online said...

Oh my, kids do say the darndest things. I can't believe that this hasn't happened to me yet, but I am waiting for that day.

I wanted to chime in on the comment above, I did not take it that you were implying large people are not usually sweet. I took it that she is large, and very sweet, therefore you were emphasizing that you would not want to ever offend her. That is just my two cents worth.

The Doctor's Wife said...

Thank you charmed life, that's exactly what I meant. As you said scarlett, it is what's on the inside that matters, which is why I made a point to iterate that she is the absolute sweetest woman you can imagine. If anything, I was overtrying to avoid that "large" people aren't usually sweet. Let's all just assume that we're all nice people, okay? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's what we all are.

The 5 Bickies said...

Sippycups...you aren't alone. Each of my children have made inappropriate comments at inopportune times. I can feel myself willing them not to say anything when I see something that I am sure will pique their interest...blue hair, piercings, size, disability. The list is endless and at the end they are just curious children.

I read your comments as you intended as well...love your blog!

Kimber said...

Hi I just found your blog through Tres Poshe Prep and I love it. You have a great sense of humor and I think we live near one another. I also blog as away to stay sane as a SAHM. I'll be back:) Oh and kids do say the darndest things...no matter how well we teach them!


pink daisies said...

your blog cracks me up! and, i agree completely with everyone that took your sentence the correct way.

sas said...

CRACK ME UP!!! Kids are so honest. I do hope the teacher didn't hear it! :)