Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm happy to say my FAMILY had a great time skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO. TONS of snow. Kids LOVED ski school, which was awesome. I was just a teensy bit dreading the prospect of dragging my kids to ski school five days in a row if they were determined not to be there. That ended up not being the case so all was well. As you read earlier, I got sick. Big time. Lots of good drugs...lots of time to recover. No, I didn't actually HAVE said time, but my body decided I needed it.
SOOOOO, I still have piles of laundry to do, paperwork to catch up on, BLOGGING to catch up on, etc., etc.

A few cute photos from the week...

BabyBoy and Dr. Daddy's pal Kurt (also known as BabyBoy's godfather)

The condo we stayed in was wonderful (thanks Dad and Mimi!). If you're ever going to Steamboat and need a place to stay...the Wyndham Steamboat Springs is fabulous.

There was an indoor pool, a shuttle to the slopes, and underground parking (ie: warm car!). The building (we were in bldg. 4) was brand new. In the summer (when you can see it through the snow) there's a playground, outdoor pool, tennis court, etc.) The only downside was that the pool was small, cold and in the welcome center, which was a bit of a trek in the 5 degree weather. There was a hot tub outside the building in a little gazebo, but it, too, required going out in the cold. Fortunately, we had a tub with jets in the master bath and that was good enough for the kiddos. BabyBoy even decided he needed to wear his goggles!


Mrs. McB said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Sorry you were sick!

Miss Danna said...

Your condo looks just like the condo we stay in at Tremblant with my boyfriends' family. Looks fabulous and your family is gorgeous!

PS I'm new here just stopping by to say hello! :)