Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to do the Inspiration Boards

I've had a bunch of you email and ask how to do the inspiration board. Here's a copy of an email that I send one of my readers explaining how to do it:

Right click copy any one of the boards on my blog
Go down to "save as" and save the picture in a picture file
Go through the internet finding pictures you want to use and as you find them right click and save them to the same file you saved the picture board to
Go into a photo editing program - you should have one on your computer. Most computers have atleast one
Open my inspiration board in the program
One by one open the pictures you've collected, crop and copy them and then paste them ON TOP OF the pictures I have on my inspiration board
It will take some time go get the right can stretch a little here and there as long as it doesn't distort the photos too much

I made my boards from scratch using photoshop. I just started with a blank project and sized it as a 5x7 canvas. I then just cropped and fit my photos on top of the canvas leaving spaces in between (that's the white lines you see)

Another way you could do it would be to go to Click on "try picasa now". It will automatically download any photos you have on your computer into its program. Play around with it a bit. It's a great way to edit photos. There's also a collage option that allows you to make collages. They won't look quite like my inspiration board because they are square and require nine photos, but what 's great about Picasa is that it crops the pictures for you to fit the collage.

I hope this helps and I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea how to do an inspiration board.

Enjoy your day!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Can't wait to see everyone's entries!

Etiquettely Correct said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I have been wondering how to do them for such a long time. Thanks!