Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Fast They Grow Coupon Code

Clearly, I have a lot to say these days! I've been blogging like a crazy person. I think that's also known as procrastination.

As some of you might have noticed, my new favorite form of heroin (also known as the How Fast They Grow Website), was down for a few weeks. I emailed Cathy the owner desperately begging her to tell me what was wrong. You see, I have three brothers and since our Mom passed away I took it upon myself to chronicle their lives. As each brother has graduated from high school I've made him a scrapbook. This past week my youngest brother graduated. I was a little behind on his book (read: hadn't started it at all) and planned to just scan all the old before digital pictures and make my pages on Cathy's website. Sounds so easy, right? Well, as soon as I got ready to do it, the website was down. Seems that they've been having TOO MUCH BUSINESS. So great for her! But not so great for me.

She was so sweet and emailed me back right away explaining the situation. She was double sweet and sent me a lovely chocolate brown scrapbook to use for Sean's album. I went ahead and did 10 or so "old school" pages with the promise of finishing the book once the website was up and running again.

I just got an email this week...They're BAAAACK! Yay! Even better, they're back with a coupon code.

Now, through June 20, 2008, you can take 20% off any order, simply by entering DAD2008. This offer is not good on prior orders, nor is it compatible with other discounts and with gift cards with restrictions on other discounts. Regular shipping rates apply. Offer expires at 11:59pm, June 20, 2008.

So, take tons of pictures with the kids this weekend and get to work on your new pages!

Here are some of the adorable samples from her email:


Monkeys' Mom said...

I almost wrote to ask you if you knew the scoop about why they were down!!! I was getting worried! I'm SO glad they're back up too! I did six pages the first day! Want to see some of your fabulous layouts of your fun week away with the family (when you get around to it! Sounds like you're a little busy currently!) Thanks for the coupon! Hope you're not melting in all of that heat!

Preppy Engineer said...

This is so inventive. I went and played with it a little bit. How do you get your photos to fill in the spots and not be fuzzy?

The 5 Bickies said...

I was so ready to make some title pages for my children's scrapbooks and realized the photos I needed were pre digital. I need to get back to it and figure it out because these really are the cutest pages ever!

Preppy Pizzaz said...

I was wondering about these too. Thanks for passing this along.

AmyB said...

Your blog cracks me up!! I just got done reading Sippy Cups and must agree with you....they are SO for chardonnay!!My husband and I used to live in Roanoke for years and then relocated to Raleigh in 1999. He graduated from Roanoke College. We just had baby #1 in Jan. and I am quickly learning about all the things you blog about. Thanks for keeping it real!! Take Care....Amy Bailey, Raleigh, NC.

Kimber said...

THANK YOU so much for posting about is genius! I am going to order an album and try to order a few pages before the coupon expires.