Monday, June 9, 2008

Congratulations Seanie-Boy!

We had an awesome week at Kiawah and I can't wait to share all about it but first and foremost I MUST post about my amazing baby brother. Sean, we are all so proud of you and you knew I had to do a special post JUST FOR YOU (since I know you're reading...twirp).
I couldn't have been more proud watching you graduate from Benedictine High School last Friday. What an accomplishment. And not only did you graduate, but you're on your way to VMI with an Army ROTC Scholarship. Who would've thunk it?

I can't wait to have you closer so we can just jet down the road and whisk you away for the weekend the way we used to do during the summer before your days of hard work at the pool. I'll always be sure to have plenty of fried okra and watermelon (hee, hee).

Sean and his lovely girlfriend, Claire.

BabyGirl and her Seanie Boy.

Sean, Dad and Jettaka.

Standing to be honored for his Army ROTC Scholarship. It pays to have an "A" last got a front row seat!



Ab said...

Congratulations! My cousin just graduated from Benedictine too (he's an L though--so I couldn't see him in your pic:0)). I thought I'd finally post since I've been reading your blog clandestinely for a while now...I love it!

Claire said...

That picture is SOOO CUTE! Can I please have a copy?!
P.S. Tell Sean I totally look tanner than he does.
Love, Claire

Pawleys Island Posh said...

I just found your blog this afternoon and have been laughing for the past few hours as I read on. I'm from Richmond, my brother went to Benedictine and my sister and I, St. Gertrude. I moved to Pawleys Island a few years ago and keep laughing at how I really know half the things you're talking about. How fun!