Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a Week!

Things have been slightly hectic around here. Sorry for the lack of posts this week! The beginning of my week was filled with end of school activities and a bulk mailing for my physician's spouse organizations. I absolutely dread bulk mailings. Stuffing, labeling and sealing 700 envelopes is a major pain. Luckily, I did have a little help this time.
Yesterday we had a little ER excitement. That's right! AGAIN. I was sitting in the sunroom when I heard a blood curtling scream from BabyBoy. By the time I was out the door and down the driveway, BabyGirl had met me halfway sobbing that BabyBoy was hurt. This was not good. If she was concerned, it couldn't be good!
I found him on the other side of a four foot chain link fence that is behind our 9 foot wooden fence in the backyard. He was trying to climb over the chainlink fence to get to his friend's yard. God forbid he actually use the opening between the fences at the side of the yard!
He had fallen on his shoulder. Only four feet, mind you, but onto some type of wooden platform. I could tell just from looking at him that either his shoulder was dislocated or his collarbone was broken.
One trip to the ER, two hours, and surely $1,000 later it was confirmed. A greenstick fracture of the right clavicle. (that's the collarbone for all of the non medical folks out there!)
He'll have to wear a sling for about four weeks. No swim team and no baseball camp. (do I hear a Hell Yeah?) Seriously, though, I feel sorry for him that he won't get to do swim team. As much as I was dreading the daily practice, he really was looking forward to it. BabyBoy asked me if he would throw it up. I said "What? You need to throw up?" (going into panic mode because he was standing on his new bedroom rug) He said "No, I mean will I throw up the bone? Since it's broken?" Sweet boy. He figured the bone must have broken off somewhere in his body and it would have to come out one way or another. "Kind of like when you swallow a penny", he said!
Then last night I got an email from EBay that almost all of my J. Crew listings had been removed because J. Crew contacted them and complained I had violated copyright laws by using their website photos. Snitches!
SOOOOO, I really don't have time to relist everything before we go to the beach in the next week. I'm going to do a second post today and list all the things I didn't sell. If you're interested, they'll be available. Stay tuned...


Kimber said...

Sorry about the boy. I was THRILLED when my boys deiced they wanted a year off of swim team! The practices for 2 kids at completely non consecutive times with a third one in tow---kills me!

I hope he feels better .

LOVE the black shoes! I need a 6 though.

Monkeys' Mom said...

Yikes! You have been busy! Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. : )
LOVE your blog and just added you to my roll!

Lauren said...

I am glad your son is okay!

Southern Mom said...

Hope Baby Boy heals quickly! What a scare! Can't believe a big company like JCrew is worried about the Doctor's Wife selling a few items on ebay with their pictures! I noticed that they have asked many online shopping sites to stop posting free shipping codes, so I guess they are becoming more aware of the internet. I used to be able to easily find them online, but it is close to impossible now!

Ashley said...

seriously, does JCrew have that much time on their hands that they must patrol ebay?