Sunday, May 4, 2008

maybe i should do the dishes, iron, fold and put away the laundry...yadda, yadda, yadda
i love the smell of my kids...WHEN THEY'RE CLEAN.
people would say that i’m extremely sarcastic.
i don’t understand why I can't seem to get it ALL done.
when i wake up in the morning my children know that they're really taking a risk if they speak to me before I've had a few sips of coffee.
i lost my willpower to try and change Dr. Daddy's bad habits. I've gotten kind of used to them now and they strike me as more "quirky" than annoying.
life is REALLY good.
my past has made me a strong person.
i get annoyed when people who participate in volunteer organizations act like the world is coming to an end if something doesn't get done exactly when and how it's supposed to. We're volunteers...hello?
parties are so much fun. I love entertaining.
dogs...BabyGirl is dying for a puppy.
cats make me sneeze.
tomorrow is a new beginning. Isn't everyday?
i have low tolerance for incompetence. Don't offer to do something if you aren't willing to do it RIGHT.
i’m totally terrified of heights.
i wonder why I'm not one of those people who just "doesn't gain weight". I mean, really, do they actually exist?
never in my life have i been a Democrat.
high school was so much fun. College was an extension of that...
when i’m nervous I get palpitations.
one time at a family gathering I got really drunk. Oh, wait, that was more than once.
take my advice: if there's something you want to do or to try...DO IT. What are you waiting for?
making my bed happens about four times a week.
i'm almost always coming up with new projects to do around the house.
i’m addicted to Tory Burch, bacon.
i want someone to come to my house and give me a pedicure weekly.


Mom x 2 said...

I found your blog from another blog and just wanted to say hello - I enjoy reading your blog!

Hair Girl said...

I love that you have Tory Burch and Bacon in the same sentence. I actually giggled!

P said...

Oh, a pedicure at my house weekly would be HEAVEN!

Far From Perfect said...

enjoy stopping by your post ever so often... You haven't seen quirky till you've seen my Dr-he gives it true meaning.