Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun Tag

Impoverished Preppy tagged me to list my favorite summer vacation spot and six things I love about it.

Hands down...Litchfield Beach. We go there every summer with my family and all sorts of various and asundry (sp?) friends. Here's why I love it:

1. The location. We stay in a section of Litchfield called Charlestowne Grant. The homes are magnificent. The beach is right there. There's a community pool down the street. It's quiet and secluded, yet you still have the luxury of being at Litchfield.

2. My family. We are insane, crazy, obnoxious, lazy, eating and drinking pigs all week. We have SO MUCH FUN. We laugh at each other and gossip about everybody. We watch movies, ride bikes, take long walks, and cook great food.

3. Our friends. My brother Aaron always brings the most fun friends to the beach. If you haven't "met" her already, you'll need to check out Little Southern Sister. She always comes to the beach for a few days. She truly is my little southern sis! Love her. Even though she almost got me killed at a karaoke bar last summer. I can't wait until my kids are older and we get to corrupt their friends at the beach as well.

4. The food. Good God. We eat and eat and eat. By the end of the week NOBODY wants to get into a bathing suit. Except Aaron. He always looks beautiful. Bitch. Anyway. By August, which is when we always go, we always have tons of homegrown tomatoes. We LIVE on tomato sandwiches with lots of mayo on delish whole wheat bread. We also do a Low Country Boil as our "last supper" each week. We usually try to have an adults only night at our favorite restaurant, Louis's. The food is always fantastic.

5. My sitter. My sitter, Kathryn, always joins us at the beach. It used to be her sister, Lauren. Lauren was great, but a little emotional. High maintenance, if you will. Kathryn is like a drill sergeant. She has the kids either in the pool or at the beach 24/7. I never have to ask her to do anything because it's already done.

6. The location. I know that was #1 as well, but there is more to Litchfield than just the house! It's close to Myrtle, but not TOO close. We can still drive in to the aquarium for a day if it's cloudy. There's a great outlet mall about 40 minutes north. The beach is pretty quiet, but you don't feel like you're in the boonies, either. The drive sucks, but it's kind of like childbirth. With time, you forget about the pain and you're ready to do it all over again!


Preppy Wedding said...

LOVE Louis's. We go there every year on vacation too!

Nelly said...

ahh! LOVE IT! You know I adore you as well.I can not wait until this summer, Ive already asked off work!

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

Sounds AWESOME! Can I go with you this summer?

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Love, Love, Love Litchfield Beach..we go to Pawley's alot. Also, LOVE Louis's peanut butter pie. Have you ever shopped at the Joggling Board in Pawley's? Lots of cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following up on the tag - Litchfield looks lovely. Reminds me of my family's trips to South Carolina!