Monday, May 19, 2008

Tennis, Anyone?

Just picked up these adorable tennis sets from Athleta. They're so cute! If you're into sports this is a great company. I have loved everything I've gotten from them in the past. My favorite is the Textured Muscle Shirt. Don't love the name...muscle shirt? Anyway. They're on sale right now for $19.99. I'm playing in a member guest tournament this Friday with my best friend and she's much better than me. So, I figured that if I couldn't play as well as her I may as well look cute!
I know some of you out there have posted about great places to buy tennis bags. I need a new one. Any suggestions?


Susie said...

Henry Brown bags are the best! I think the website the

Ned said...

You will look awesome in those cute outfits! Good luck!

Madras and Martinis said...

Check out Toss at for some really cute racquet covers.