Friday, March 7, 2008

The Geeks are out there....and they're watching YOU!

If you ever need a good laugh when you are otherwise seriously frustrated by your computer...give these guys a call.
I've been inundated with viruses and all sorts of other unrecognizable crap on my computer for the past few weeks and I finally gave in and called the Geek Squad. Hilarious. They get on the phone and start talking about secret agent so and so and the covert mission that will be required to resuscitate your computer's hard drive. I have to admit, as frustrated as I was it was nice to be able to laugh. I'm assuming they don't actually take themselves too seriously. You never know with these computer geeks, though.
So, a long explanation from me and $129 later, this dude gets on the phone and basically takes over my computer. From some remote location. I'm pretty sure it was in the USA because he was speaking pretty coherent English. It was so bizarre, though. There I was, sitting in front of my computer watching the mouse dance from left to right and I had nothing to do with it!
Finally, about 8 hours later the problems are all resolved and my computer is like a new woman!

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leigh said...

I had some guy take over my computer remotely too! It was kinda freaky. We were on the phone with each other, but I kept wondering if he could do THAT (control my cursor from far away) was he checking out other stuff on my computer without me knowing. And what if he was a rogue geek and didn't give me my computer back or changed all my passwords!