Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the grind

Our week at Snowshoe was fun! The kids both got to ski all four days. BabyGirl absolutely refused to ski at all until we bought her a pink Dora helmet. None of that standard issue black stuff for her...a girl after my own heart! Dr. Daddy got to ski three out of four days, and I only did two days. BabyBoy loved skiing with Daddy and told him he was a "brilliant" skier! Too funny.
We ended up hooking up with some friends who were also staying there; BabyBoy is in class with one of their sons. Good times were had by all!
I definitely CAN'T recommend Snowshoe for ski school, though. The kids learned enough, I suppose, but the times are JACKED up. You have to do half days...845 to 1145 or 1245 to 345. NO LUNCH. SOOOOO, we signed BabyBoy up for the full day on the last two days thinking lunch would be provided. Duh. We had to pick him up at lunchtime and feed him and OF COURSE he didn't want to go back to ski school! He wanted to ski with Dad. We wasted $140 on that screw up. Who charges $70 per half day of ski school? Last year at Steamboat we paid $90 per day for a 9am to 3pm class WITH lunch. I'm not usually an overly thrifty person. Not nearly as much as I should be. This, however, pissed me off. I tried desperately to get a refund (since the lessons were sold out and I'm sure someone would have loved to have our spot that we didn't even use!!!) to no avail. What a pain in my ass. In the end, BabyBoy loved skiing with his Dad and I think Dr. Daddy got a kick out of it as well.
We got home on Saturday around noon and then hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for our friend. The caterer that my girlfriend hired to do the party was awesome. We had beef tenderloin, salmon, duck breast on a black bean die for! I had made some pork won tons and creme brulee. In all, it was a great time and I think the birthday boy was truly surprised! Sunday, on the other hand...not so great. The FIVE pineapple martinis from the night before did not sit well. I don't think I actually got out of bed until 2pm. Needless to say, I'm not drinking for a WHILE. The pineapple martinis were great, though. So easy to make!

Pineapple Martinis

one gallon Stoli vodka
2 pineapples cut up (I bought the precut kind from the store...use three of them)

10 days to two weeks prior to the party place the vodka and pineapple in a container on your counter. Allow the mix to ferment unrefridgerated.

On the day of the party use a potato masher to mash the pineapple up in the vodka. Strain the mix and discard pineapple.

In a martini shaker mix vodka mixture with ice and that's about it!

We did end up adding a little unsweetened pineapple juice because they were really strong. If you use enough pineapple for the fermentation, however, you should be


Hair Girl said...

Pineapple Martini, yummy! It sounds so easy, but very tempting on the counter the whole time. I had something similar in NYC,made with vanilla vodka and a splash of oj- it tasted like ambrosia in a glass.

The 5 Bickies said...

My kids would never meet me for lunch and go back to ski way, no how. I would complain! Sorry you walked away feeling ripped off. That's the worst!

As for the party - wow! Arrived home and threw a surprise party all on the same day. That takes some planning! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Love the recipe too. Thanks for sharing the hangover with the rest of us.

Nelly said...


by the way, 'atta girl with the 5 martinis!

lizziefitz said...

That birthday menu sounds scrumptious!