Monday, November 19, 2007


We're back from vacation and very relaxed! I'll post about that later. For now, I wanted to respond to the many questions and comments I got about the "gift box" floral arrangement in my last post. I'm so glad ya'll liked it! I meant it when I said this is EASY to make.
Here's what you'll need:

1. Depending on the size box you want, you'll need wet floral foam soaked in water and cut to size. It's best to soak your foam BEFORE you cut it. The arrangement I made was pretty big, so I used six full size rectangles of foam. You could easily use four and cut them down to make the proportions right for you if you wanted a smaller arragement.

2. Waterproof floral tape. The waterproof part is really important.

3. Green kermit or any other green mum. You could use white as well, although it might be more obvious if some of the foam is showing through. The quantity will vary depending on the size of your arrangement but I'd say a good rule of thumb is one bunch for every five square inches of surface area. (dust off the calculator, girls!)

4. Ribbon of your choice. Don't get wired won't cascade properly.

5. Greenery, one dozen roses, hypericum berries (there are none in this particular arrangement but only because I couldn't find them on short notice).

6. Some type of pedestal stand.

7. Floral pins (the metal kind). Stick pins work, too if that's all you have.

Now, here's what you do.

1. Cut your mums really short (only about an inch of stem left)
2. Soak your wet foam for 1/2 an hour and then cut it to the shape you want.
3. Use your waterproof tape to bind all of your wet foam pieces together. Use a don't want it to fall apart when you're putting the mums on.
4. Place the wet foam square or rectangle on the pedestal you intend to display the arrangement on. You can do it on a plate and then transfer it but this puppy is going to be HEAVY when you're done so it's easiest to just do it on the pedestal.
5. Cover the surface area of the foam with your green mums. Just stick em in the foam. Use a lot and make sure they are tightly bunched together. You don't want any foam showing through.
6. Now, take your greenery and berries and make kind of a wreath on top of the box. Be sure you stick the stems into the foam so that it will be secure. Next, intermittently stick the roses, which you have cut so that there is about three inches of stem left, into the foam as well until you are happy with the shape of the "topper".
7. Cut your ribbon about a yard long and make some loops on one end. Stick the pin through the loops and then stick the pin with the ribbon attached into the foam. You may have to work around the flowers and greenery but get the ribbon way down in there so that it's kind of squished. This will help it stand up better.

Voila! You're done.

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