Friday, April 24, 2009

I couldn't think of a title for today's post. Nothing in particular to talk about, really.
First of all, I have a headache that I've now had for five days. I think it's sinus related but who knows. I'm over it. Strangely, the only thing that seems to help is gin & tonic. Not surprisingly, this morning I have an even worse headache. Damn.
So I'm watching Regis & Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris is the guest host. He's pretty damn funny! For real. He and Kelly are a good match. Lovin' it.
Onto more whining and complaining. I am STILL SORE from my workout on MONDAY. Here's the thing. After giving birth to each of my children I had no problem returning to my pre-baby weight, even losing a little extra, which was lovely. Over the past four years, however, I have gained around 15 pounds and I just can't seem to get it off. Not that I've REALLY tried that hard but it's annoying. It's not annoying in the sense that I so much care about the weight gain per se. I suppose I'd be pretty content at my current weight. The problem is that I can't wear all of my clothes and I really like my clothes. It would also be nice to go to the pool and not feel self conscious. I've been amping up my workouts as of late but it's depressing. I was lamenting the fact that I'm still sore from Monday's workout while talking to Dr. Daddy last night. The always helpful Dr. made haste to point out that "You're getting old. Age sucks.". Huh? Way to encourage me, buddy!
So I know I'm just opening myself up to tons and tons of solicited advice here but if anyone has any ideas as to how I can lose this weight without killing myself I'd love to hear it. And please don't write telling me I should give up the gin & tonic. I'd rather be chubby than crazy and my evening cocktail is the only thing keeping me out of the loony bin at this point.
Thanks so much for listening to my rant...whine, whine, whine.


Jules said...

if you get a good answer let me know too.
And YES, I LOVE NPH...he IS soo funny!

Sara said...

Here, here to not giving up the cocktails! I know it's part of my problem too, but I'm with you that chubby beats crazy!

Three under Three said...

Honestly I am in love with Alli, yeah I know... but it does really work, and the treatment effects aren't there if you eat right, and if you don't eat right they are still manageable.

I have also gotten into hot yoga- which is different from that birkrim crap or whatever. It's a great work out and you sweat your butt off.

Southern Mom said...

I've found that cutting out the sugar is the best way for me to lose weight. It is so hard the first few days, but then you really don't crave it at all. A great book that helped me cut out sugar is Sugar Shock. I just started going to a weight class 2 hours a week and have lost a few lbs. Supposedly yout metabolism is higher for 24 hours after a weight class! You look great in all the pictures of yourself that you post, but good luck!

Desperately Seeking Seersucker said...

This probably is not completely healthy (and I'm sure Dr. Daddy will probably object), but I'm taking pills. They aren't ephedra or anything like that. They are called Atro-Phex.

I had an extra 15 that I couldn't lose as well. I'm not eating a lot more, or being lazy..I'm just getting older :( I, like you, ADORE my clothes and can't bare to spend thousands trying to replace them in a larger size. I've currently lost 5lbs painlessly. It's not that I don't eat, or that I'm "amped up" all the time. I'm just less hungry and eat smaller portions.

PaperCourt said...

My advice isn't so much about weight loss but toning. I started private pilates sessions 2x a week and saw a noticeable change in my body in 4 weeks. I also run a ton but the running was doing nothing be keeping me at me current weight.

Do NOT cut out the gin & tonic...that is your sanity!

Princess Freckles said...

I hope your headache subsides! I've been battling one too thie week. Perhaps it really is just the sinuses announcing Spring has arrived?

Good luck with your exercise plan. I am also working really hard to get in shape, and I've found that watching my diet has helped (one doesn't wotk without the other). However, I'd never give up the "cocktail" either! Hang in there.

JMW said...

I'm facing the same thing...lost tons of weight after babies, got small, wore cute clothes. Now I'm finding said clothes a little tight. I'm blaming a long, cold winter, full of comfort food and little exercise. So, I bought a bike which I try to ride daily and I'm trying portion control with my meals. And, I too, will not give up my chardonnay. :)

Mrs. Newlywed said...

My mom just started this great workout with her girlfriends where 3 days a week they get together and work out.

Every woman gets a turn picking the exercise for the day. I think there are 6 of them, so they get a chance every other week. Sometimes they play tennis, go hiking, hit the weights, etc etc.

She really loves it! She gets a workout and some social time.

FROGGITY! said...

i joined; and i know it sounds crazy/cheesy but it is working. it is free and once you get the hang of it, the calorie counter and fitness tracker is REALLY helpful. i eat what i want but cut back on calories.

i wouldn't DREAM of telling you to give up the gin and tonic. i haven't sacrificed my red wine one bit. i just eat a little less dinner and lunch and drink one glass less. :)

you can do it!

Mona said...

Ooooh....Dr. Daddy needs to work on his bedside manner. Never, EVer tell the Mrs. she's "getting older"!!

Steph said...

All I can say is if you want to get those pounds off, do it now before you're my age! If you think it's hard now just wait!I think you are probably about 10 years or so younger than I. :)
Oh, and I don't begrudge you your gin and tonics! My poison is firefly sweet tea vodka! :)

Penny said...

I, too, have gained 10 pounds lately that I am trying to lose for the simple fact that I love my clothes that no longer fit. And if I keep on, it won't be 10 pds., it'll be 20. And I'd rather get off 10 than 20!
Seriously, though, I bought Hoodia Max the other day at CVS. I seriously doubted it would work, but it actually does decrease your appetite. I've also purchased Clincallix, and have only taken it for a couple of days now. So far so good.

Missy Martini said...

Hey there,

I have been struggling with the last 10 lbs I wanted to lose. No matter how hard I tried it would not come off!

I don't know if you've heard of the B12 diet? But it's a shot of b12 a week followed by an appetite supressant and a regiment of certain foods ( the program is supervised by a dr. )

Not only did I get those pesky 10 lbs off but I've kept it off. The diet really teaches you to listen to your body and know what it's hungry for, it's a lifestyle change- but easy and the results STICK :)

I'd be glad to chat more if u need any other info, but ask your husband too, being a Dr he may have heard about it ?

e.c. said...

Have you tried Body For Life...the guy has been on Oprah, and it is excellent! My husband and I just started the program, so we're hoping for total transformations in the next 12 weeks! I love that you eat six small balanced meals a day, so you're never hungry. You also drink TONS of water. Then you only have to do three 20 minute aerobic workouts a week, and 3 weight training only adds up to 3.5 hours a week of exercise...totally doable.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post Miss Sippycups, as we seem to be experiencing a similar headache. May we join the whinathon?

Hoping you have a nice weekend and the headache disappears,

Amy Marie said...

Never give up your favorite drink! It's our sanity as mothers to enjoy a nice cocktail or glass of vino! I'm currently trying the "Flat Belly Diet". There's a book by the editors of Prevention. It's easy, and makes sense. Cooked veggies, no diet pop or gum, things that make you bloat.

News Readin' Wife said...

Just ditch the tonic. Seriously. Club soda is tough to get used to, but makes a difference. Oh, and meth - I've heard meth helps take the weight off.

Girl, please! You look great. I only hope to be rockin' it like you and HH post-minis.

Domestic Diva said...

I have so been there. Having never having to worry about my weight. A natural size zero..that ate and drank. After having my twins, I have become a 2-4. I am sometimes a 2 and other times a 4.
My only concern, not fitting into my clothes. I think age..has so much to do with it. You look fabulous! Maybe try Bikram Yoga. It works!

Henley on the Horn said...

Based on your previous posts, it sounds like you are a great size despite your weight gain. I think you're doing the right thing. Sometimes our metabolism slows or our babies change, and you can only do so much. I have always heard not to starve yourself because that actually causes your metabolism to slow down. Eat a handful of almonds or some carrots or an apple between meals & keep up the good work! You are beautiful!

Grove Gals said...

I hit a plateau and ordered the 30 day shred with jillian michels off of's 3 20 minute workouts and it had jump started me again

Susie Q said...

Really - hubby is right, getting old sucks! My mom always said, "the older you get, the harder it is to keep it off!" Damn, she was right....again!

Anywho - possibly have your thyroid checked. I found I have hypothyroid, so they got me on synthroid. But then I'm also going through menopause (early! OH JOY!) so getting the weight off is a BITCH! I think I'd have to starve myself to lose 10 lbs.!

Good luck, girlfriend! And here's a "cheers" towards tonight's happy hour! Doesn't get here soon enough, does it??!!

Hokie Girl said...

I swear by Weight Watchers....AND wine and beer are only 2 points!!! I think your gin and tonic could possibly be 3, but at least you wouldn't have to give it up!!! Good luck!

Dr Motivation said...

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