Friday, November 14, 2008


Little Southern Sister left a comment wondering if theHow Fast They Grow website would be a good way to chronicle her years on college. ie: is it only for kids? In a word...NO! It's not just for kids at all. To prove my point I made some little pages for you as examples. The pictures aren't all great cause I hacked them off of Facebook...but you get the idea!

So, get to work Nelly!


Mrs. Newlywed said...


I've been using them to chronicle college. I'm a few years out, but my scrapbooking/memory organization obsession didn't start until post-college. Everything is turning out so well! SO WELL! I totally recommend it!

Preppy Engineer said...

I have been using this site too. I have an 8 nd 16 year old and I have asked them to develop more older looking pages for the 16 year old. You are the one that pointed me to this site and I love it! I have begun making an album for each of them with duplicates for events that include both of them and then their indivual activity pages. That way they each will have one of their events when they start having a family of their own. The only problem is they start with the age they were when we got a digital camera.

Nelly said...

OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much!