Monday, February 4, 2008

Gone to Carolina

Dr. Daddy has left me for the week to enjoy a childless ski vacation in Canada. Great for him! Not so much for me.
I did have a great weekend, though. Had friends over for dinner on Friday night which was lots of fun. Saturday morning, after dropping the dog to the kennel, the kids to the in laws, and the Dr. to the airport, I headed off to Chapel Hill, NC to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday.
On the way there I stopped in High Point to furniture shop. I've been looking for a new cocktail table for the living room but haven't been able to find just the right one. (translation: I haven't been able to convince my father in law to give me the one in his den that I am IN LOVE with) Originally, I thought I'd stop here. We bought our kitchen table from Boyle's and we love it. So, I thought I might give them a try. Then I discovered that EJ Victor has a showroom in High Point and thought I'd give them a try. We truly consider our furniture to be an investment and therefore do not completely reject spending quite a bit if it's the right piece. However, it never hurts to try to find a great deal.
Well, lemme tell ya. Did I EVER find some great deals. The EJ Victor Showroom was amazing. It is so beautiful...I could live there. I found the perfect table and it was 75% off. Heck yeah!

It's pretty big, but the room is big so I'm happy. I also found a gorgeous plate shelf very similar to this one that had had posted about before...only wider. It, too, was priced to sell. %60 percent off retail.

A successful trip, indeed. I'm planning to go back and take Dr. Daddy. They had some really great chairs and we need one for the living room.

After the shopping spree I headed to Chapel Hill. My brother's friends were hosting a party for him (700 invited off of MySpace and 150 confirmed attendees). I agreed to buy the keg (they're all 21...just college poor). We headed off to Total Wine. Let me just say...I definitely spent my fair share of time with kegs in college. However, I had never actually purchased one. I had to fill out so much paperwork - it was more involved than adopting a dog! We finally got it all taken care of and then broke our backs loading it in the car. Tons of fun had by all at the party. My brother's two girlfriends from high school came down. They are like family and come to the beach with us every year. It was SO good to see them! They stayed with me at the Carolina Inn and we had a little sleepover. Of course, we didn't go to sleep until 4am and then I had to drive home the next day. Took the kids to Chuck E Cheese as promised after I returned home. Who would have thought the Chuck would be so PACKED on Super Bowl Sunday. Lord, I hate that place.
For whatever reason, BabyGirl didn't sleep worth crap last night and today I'm exhausted. Did manage to get a quick nap in this morning, though. Now, I'm off to finish the curtains for my bedroom. My goal is to have them all done by the time Dr. Daddy gets home on Saturday. Pretty ambitious considering I only have one of six panels and none of three valances done...


linda said...

Love your new cocktail table! Great find!

Anonymous said...

love the question, though! how do you keep such beautiful expensive furniture with two little children? please tell me your secret......i could only dream of having these in my house with two active boys!

Happy Homemaker said...

Oh, I LOVE that coffee table! Is that the one you bought? It is absolutely gorgeous!

sle said...

I think I may have been at the Carolina Inn the same night as you. I was over there having dinner with my daughter who is a student at UNC. I love it there!